How To Hang A Horseshoe For Good Luck

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How To Hang A Horseshoe For Good Luck
How To Hang A Horseshoe For Good Luck

Video: How To Hang A Horseshoe For Good Luck

Video: How To Hang A Horseshoe For Good Luck
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In different countries, a horseshoe is considered a talisman and a symbol of good luck. By placing a horseshoe over the front door, you will not only attract good luck to your house, but also save your home from the intrigues of dark forces.

How to hang a horseshoe for good luck
How to hang a horseshoe for good luck

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Horseshoe, belief in a miracle


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The horseshoe has long been considered a talisman that brings happiness and good luck. This belief did not arise out of nowhere - it is believed that the horseshoe found for the first time became a symbol of happiness in Ancient Egypt. The horses, which were harnessed to the pharaohs' carts, were shod with golden horseshoes. But the material of the horseshoe did not make the fastening stronger - sooner or later the horseshoes remained in the dust of the road. Of course, finding a golden horseshoe became happiness.

However, in Ancient Russia there were reasons to consider a horseshoe a symbol of future happiness and a talisman against troubles and evil spirits. The fact is that all the horseshoes came out from under the hammer of blacksmiths, who were always considered fighters against evil spirits. In addition, the horseshoe is associated with a horse, a faithful assistant to a peasant and war. Horseshoes were expensive, so a peasant who found a horseshoe could rightfully consider himself lucky - a valuable find could be sold to the same blacksmith or brought home as a talisman.

Step 2

In order for the horseshoe to bring happiness to the house, it must be hung over the front door with its horns up. This situation allows the positive energy to "linger" in the house. In addition, a horseshoe nailed in the shape of a "bowl" protects the house from the machinations of evil.

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If you nail a horseshoe over the door with the horns down, then this amulet will begin to attract well-being. In order to neutralize the negative effect of geopathogenic zones, the horseshoe must be placed above the door inside the room or at the head of the bed. In this case, the horseshoe can be a souvenir.

Step 4

In order for the horseshoe to attract material well-being to the house, you need to perform the following ceremony: wait for the full moon and put the horseshoe on the windowsill with horns in the house. Ideally, the moon should illuminate the horseshoe.

If flowers do not grow very well in the house and rarely please with flowering, place a horseshoe next to them.