We Sew Three Summer Dresses Without Patterns

We Sew Three Summer Dresses Without Patterns
We Sew Three Summer Dresses Without Patterns

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Summer dress can be sewn without a pattern. You will need a sewing machine, a little time and a desire to create a unique thing. Many summer models are sewn from a single piece of fabric, while dresses and sundresses are original, comfortable and cute.

We sew three summer dresses without patterns
We sew three summer dresses without patterns

Sundress with straps

Sewing is easy and simple without a pattern. A summer sarafan with straps can be “bungled” in one hour. To do this, you need a piece of elastic fabric, it can be cotton-stretch, - with a width of 1.5 m, take the length of the finished product plus 20 cm for the hem of the top and bottom. Measure your thighs, place ½ of the measurement on the fabric folded in half, cut out two rectangles.

Sew the side seams, stepping back 15-20 centimeters from the top. Process the armholes by tucking the hem 0.5 cm and stitching. Fold the top cut 2 to 3 cm and sew a drawstring on the front and back. Insert a cord into it, you can sew it from the remnants of fabric or use a satin ribbon, tie the shoulder straps. Sew the bottom of the hem. You can try on a new sundress.

Tunic without a pattern

A tunic is no less easy to sew. You can take the fabric in two lengths, if it is narrow, 0.7 m wide, and then you get a tunic without shoulder seams. With a cut width of 1.5 m, one length will be enough, while side and shoulder seams are made.

Set aside ½ hip width on the material folded in half, add 3 to 5 cm for the loose fit. Measure down the desired length, cut out two rectangles - the back and the shelf. Bend the back in half and cut the neckline: measure from the top edge downwards 2 cm and 6-7 cm to the side, smoothly connect the points. On the shelf, slightly deepen the cutout. Stitch side and shoulder seams, overlock or fine zigzag. Grind the neckline. Hem down the bottom of the tunic.

Open dress

An interesting model is an open strapless dress. It will require a wrinkled viscose, gauze or satin and a linen elastic or elastic thread. Take two pieces of fabric, the width and length are arbitrary, the wider the cut, the more beautiful the drapery will turn out.

On the bodice of the front and back, lay the stitches with elastic thread at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other. If it is not available, use a linen elastic, sew it from the wrong side to the bodice with a zigzag seam. Sew the side seams, wrap them. Tuck the bottom and top and hem. The new outfit is ready - in such a dress "both a feast and into the world."

For the beach, you can sew a dress from shawls. Take two large silk scarves, cut one corner from each, fold them along the cut and sew the shoulder seams, leaving a cutout for the neckline. Mark ½ hip width on the shawl and sew along the sides, leaving armholes for the arms.

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