How To Sew Summer Pants Without A Pattern

How To Sew Summer Pants Without A Pattern
How To Sew Summer Pants Without A Pattern

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Making an outfit with your own hands is an incomparable pleasure. However, not every needlewoman has the skills to build patterns. Meanwhile, in order to quickly sew summer trousers, it is not at all necessary to master all the complex secrets of tailoring. It is enough to master the basic lines on a sewing machine, and when sewing, you can do without a pattern at all.

How to sew summer pants without a pattern
How to sew summer pants without a pattern

How to sew harem pants without a pattern

It is impossible to sew trousers of a complex style without building an individual pattern. However, it is quite possible to make simple harem pants with an elastic band in one evening. Fortunately, such wide pants are in fashion lately, and in combination with a fitted top, they will look great on you. Trousers will hide too full legs, give the image a special charm. In addition, such clothes may be needed for practicing oriental dances.

The basis of the future product will be a square piece of suitable fabric. The canvas for the summer should be perfectly draped, light: viscose, silk "kashibo", satin. If you are preparing a dance costume or an oriental outfit that you intend to wear with a skirt, it is permissible to use chiffon.

Fold the square in half diagonally to create a gusset. The upper corner of the woven figure will be the waistline, the two lower opposite ones will be the leg slits. Cut and unscrew the hem of the belt, form a drawstring and sew it on the typewriter. Baste the joining seam lines and machine stitch. You just need to thread the elastic band into the drawstring, remove the basting and steam the finished product.

Summer trousers will add an oriental touch to elastic cuffs. For the drawstring, tuck the bottom of the legs about 4 cm, sew and thread the elastic around the ankle. Sew open areas by hand with a blind stitch.

Favorite pajamas instead of a pattern

Simple summer trousers from elegant lightweight fabric can be sewn using pajamas pants of a suitable style as a basis. Gently spread a large section of the working blade on a horizontal surface with the wrong side of the top, securing it at the corners with tailor's pins - this will prevent the fabric from slipping. Place the pajama pants on top, then trace the back of the garment extremely carefully with a sharp remnant.

When translating the contours of pajama pants directly onto the canvas, it is better to use a sharpened remnant rather than a tailor's chalk. You can not be afraid to make mistakes by making extra lines on the fabric - all traces will go away during the first wash.

Do the same manipulations with the second piece of the cut - translate the contours of the front of the trousers. Please note that the back of the pants will be slightly larger than the front. Cut out both main parts of the product and sew all connecting seams on the sewing machine. Overcast cuts by hand or overlock, overcasting the bottom and top hem sequentially.

You just need to insert the elastic into the drawstring, and the summer outfit will be ready. It can be worn both at home and for everyday walks. The jersey is perfect for sports activities.

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