How To Make A Candy Car

How To Make A Candy Car
How To Make A Candy Car

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Sweet design is a relatively new trend in the hand-made category. Initially, this concept included the composition of bouquets from sweets, later the technology was extended to the design of various shapes. The peculiarity of this design is that it is not only attractive in appearance, but also very tasty, it can become a worthy replacement for the usual box of chocolates.

How to make a candy car
How to make a candy car

Materials and tools

To create a candy car you will need:

- mini-chocolates Dolci, - corrugated paper of pink and gold colors, - cardboard, - 4 round candies, - PVA glue, - hot melt glue, - scissors, - double sided tape, - pencil, - ruler, - compasses.

Assembly sequence

The mini-chocolates used are 7.5x1.5 cm in size, so when creating the base, be guided by the numbers above. Cut out two identical rectangles that will become the sides of the car.

To cut three pieces for the middle of the car, it is better to use cardboard with an inner fold. The main criterion for cutting will be a chocolate bar. Connect the resulting parts with double-sided tape.

Cut a pink strip out of corrugated cardboard. Determine the length and width of the strip by the dimensions of the machine. Glue to the surface so that a slight fold is formed. Cut out the parts for the sidewalls and stick them on the car blank. Cut out a piece for the front glass from the golden corrugated cardboard. Cut and glue 4 windows from the same cardboard.

It's time to start gluing the chocolates. To do this, you can use a heat gun or double-sided tape. Please note that the labels on the candy should be in the same direction.

Use your compass to draw 8 circles that will become the wheels of the candy art. Cut out larger circles from the gold-colored cardboard to allow for the fold. Glue the paper to the cardboard and glue the two circles together.

Glue round candy headlights in front.

Sweet foam machine

If you have enough styrofoam at your disposal, you can use it as a base. To do this, cut out a workpiece from a single piece or individual parts using a clerical knife. To make the car proportional, print a car of a suitable shape and size in advance and try on the blank during the manufacturing process.

To make the structure stronger, glue a foam rectangle at the bottom, decorate it with wrapping paper. For such a car, you can use not only rectangular chocolates, but also round candies. If unattractive gaps remain after gluing the candies, fill them with glitter glue. Such a delicious gift will be appropriate for a children's birthday and an adult's anniversary, because, as you know, all people come from childhood.

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