How To See What You Want In A Dream

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How To See What You Want In A Dream
How To See What You Want In A Dream

Video: How To See What You Want In A Dream

Video: How To See What You Want In A Dream
Video: 4 Easy Steps to Lucid Dream Every Night! 2023, October

Probably everyone has heard about the existence of a mysterious omniscient force called the human subconscious. If during wakefulness this power remains practically inaccessible, then during sleep it becomes possible to turn to your subconscious and get interesting answers to some questions.

If you want to know the answer to a seemingly insoluble question, set yourself up to watch a certain dream. And you will discover a lot of new things about yourself and your life.

How to see what you want in a dream
How to see what you want in a dream

It is necessary

Notebook and pen


Step 1

Before going to bed, do not eat too densely, do not engage in active mental and physical work. Try to completely relax. Take a bath, do something really enjoyable for you.

Step 2

Formulate clearly the question to which you want to get an answer in a dream. Or imagine a desired dream plot for all needs. Scroll the task several times in your head, and then write it down in writing on paper.

Step 3

Make yourself a firm belief that you will wake up immediately after you have the desired dream. This is important because a person has several dreams during the night. And he remembers only the one that he saw before awakening

Step 4

Tell yourself that you will remember the dream you have. Tune in to remember the details of your sleep. Place a pen and pad right next to your bed to jot down your sleep immediately upon waking.

Step 5

In the process of falling asleep, once again imagine in all details what you would like to see in a dream.

Step 6

After waking up, immediately write down everything that you managed to see in a dream. Also write down any thoughts that come to your mind about this. If you don't record your dream immediately, chances are you will forget it after a few minutes.

Step 7

If you practice this technique constantly, over time, the ability to dream what you want will develop. There will be an opportunity to watch the desired dreams to order and receive the correct unexpected solutions to your seemingly insoluble problems.