How To Order Dreams

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How To Order Dreams
How To Order Dreams

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Video: How To Order Dreams
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Despite the uncertainty and lack of knowledge of their nature, dreams often suggest how we should act in a given situation. Sometimes in a dream a situation is generated that may happen to you in the future, or has already happened, and an example of a solution to this situation is unleashed or a deliberately wrong move on your part. Then you can assess the consequences without resorting to this option for solving the problem in reality.

Dreams often tell us how to act in a given situation
Dreams often tell us how to act in a given situation


Step 1

There are opinions that the world-famous periodic table of chemical elements came to Mendeleev's head in a dream, and Pushkin heard the lines of his works in a dream and, waking up, immediately took up paper and pen to write down the poems in his dreams.

Until now, the phenomenon of sleep has been extremely poorly studied. Basically, we dream of subconscious, true needs and pictures.

In order to try to see what you want in a dream, you need to concentrate on the chosen plot or image no later than two hours before sleep. However, it is not possible to fully think through the plot. You can only make sketches, but your thinking and psyche during sleep can turn the plot in a completely different direction, although this will use the skeleton of your thoughts that came to mind before going to bed.

Step 2

At the same time, relax before bed. If there is an opportunity to have an aromatherapy or massage session, take advantage of this. Tune in to remembering the dream. After waking up, write down your dreams in a notebook. Record only the brightest and most memorable images. Remember that a calm awakening helps in remembering a dream.

Step 3

Program yourself to wake up from the dream. You may wake up in the middle of the night, since a person can see almost a dozen dreams during the night, but you will find answers to your questions. Waking up in the morning, you may not find the answer, because it was erased from short-term memory by the data of the last night's sleep.

Step 4

Formulate what you want to see. Do you want to see a solution to the problem? A trend? Make a connection between the past and the future? Set a landmark, and you will get an answer in a dream, maybe not the first time, but it's worth trying.

Step 5

If you want your loved one to dream about you, think about him in the evening before bed, and ask him to also think about you at least 1-2 hours before bed. Ask him to lie down before you or at the same time as you, but not later. Then you can see each other in your dreams. Be sure to agree in the evening about where the dream will take place - this should be a place that is familiar to both. Using this technique, it happens that people have almost the same dreams. Discuss the dream with the envisioned person the next morning, and you may both be very surprised to see identical dreams.

Step 6

Lying in bed, try to fix the state of subtle matter when you are still awake, but no longer awake. Usually this state is similar to liberation from the body. At such moments, a person becomes physically warm somewhere inside the body.

These states are called borderline. It is in this state that insights arise, which is why the borderline between wakefulness and sleep is so important for intellectual and creative people.