Solution To Dreams: Why The Bus Is Dreaming

Solution To Dreams: Why The Bus Is Dreaming
Solution To Dreams: Why The Bus Is Dreaming

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The appearance of a vehicle in a dream is mainly due to reality: someone drives their own car, someone drives public transport. But even such a dream is in great demand among the authors of various dream books: very often they interpret the dream buses.

The bus in a dream has conflicting interpretations
The bus in a dream has conflicting interpretations

Why is the bus dreaming? Miller's dream book

American psychologist Gustav Miller believes that dreams involving buses may indicate an erratic success in life. For example, riding a bus in a dream means achieving success exactly where it was planned, but riding in a crowded bus means competing with serious people who want to unsettle the dreamer. If a person dreams that he boarded the wrong regular bus, then in reality difficulties are coming due to the incorrectly chosen path in this or that area of ​​life.

Freud's dream book: bus

Sigmund Freud interprets the buses in his own way. According to his interpretation, waiting for a bus in a dream means finding your soul mate. Freud notes that often such a dream speaks of an incomplete sex life. A dream in which a person gets on a regular bus suggests that he is disappointed in his sexual partner. Riding a bus in a dream is a twofold situation in which the dreamer will demand too much from his sexual partner. As a result, this can both strengthen the relationship between lovers and nullify them.

Bus in a dream. Dream interpretation of Wangi

According to the soothsayer Vanga, the bus in a dream symbolizes some kind of fascinating journey that will bring the dreamer a useful acquaintance with influential people. A bus rushing at a breakneck speed in a dream signals the danger that threatens the dreamer in reality. He should be extremely careful, because envious people and enemies are plotting something unkind against him. Riding standing in a crowded bus is a quick and fun meeting with friends.

To be the only passenger of a regular bus in a dream is a misunderstanding on the part of loved ones, friends, colleagues. Perhaps they simply cannot understand the dreamer's behavior. Being in a dream as a bus driver means successful prospects in the future: the dreamer will have a chance to take a high position in society, move up the career ladder. Vangelia advises not to refuse in reality from lucrative offers, even if they come from unfamiliar people.

A serious conflict Wang prophesies to people who saw in a dream how their bus is losing control. In reality, they can be let down by their own stupidity and excessive manifestation of emotions. The result of such a conflict is the dreamer's badly tarnished reputation. There is another interpretation of this dream: in reality, it is possible to meet with an unbalanced person who can unsettle the dreamer. This is what can push the latter to commit any ignoble deeds.

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