How To Start Playing Counter Strike

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How To Start Playing Counter Strike
How To Start Playing Counter Strike

Video: How To Start Playing Counter Strike

Video: How To Start Playing Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a popular online multiplayer first person shooter. The main point of the game is the confrontation between terrorists and special forces. Since the inception of the game, a large number of servers have appeared on the Internet, accessible to any user.

How to start playing Counter Strike
How to start playing Counter Strike

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - Internet access;
  • - counter strike.


Step 1

To start playing Counter Strike, download the game from the Internet or install it from a disc on your computer. There are paid and free distributions. In the free version, the official servers of the game will not be available to you.

Due to the low system requirements, the game will start without problems even on weak computers. For comfortable gameplay, it is enough to have 64 megabytes of video memory, 512 megabytes of "RAM" and a processor with a frequency of 1 gigahertz. To play over the Internet, you need a connection with a speed of 128 kilobits per second.

Step 2

Launch the installed game and open the game options. First of all, write your nickname in the special field (the default player name is Player). Then set the keyboard layout to the most comfortable and adjust the mouse sensitivity. Then set the required video and audio configurations. If you have a powerful enough computer, feel free to set the parameters to the maximum.

On the last tab of the settings, you can turn off the visual effects of blood in the game, as well as set a password to change this parameter.

Step 3

To play online, click on the Find Servers button. After clicking, you will see a huge list of servers available for the game. Sort servers by map values, security and ping. For a comfortable game, select cards with a ping value of no more than 100. After selection, go to the server by double-clicking on it with the right mouse button. The game will start downloading.

Step 4

After loading, select the team you will represent and the appearance of the player. Buy the required equipment (button "B" by default) and act according to the chosen role. Shooting at the enemy is carried out with the left mouse button, movement control - using the keyboard.