How To Learn To Ride A Finger

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How To Learn To Ride A Finger
How To Learn To Ride A Finger

Video: How To Learn To Ride A Finger

Video: How To Learn To Ride A Finger
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The Fingerboard is a heavily scaled-down copy of a regular skateboard. Riding on it is a very exciting activity, primarily because you have to use only two fingers of your hand. It sounds unusual, but in practice it will be even more interesting. However, despite the size, you are unlikely to be able to learn how to ride a fingerboard in one or two days.

How to learn to ride a finger
How to learn to ride a finger


Step 1

First of all, you need to master the Ollie trick, which is the basis of finger riding. Having learned how to perform this trick, you can move on to more complex ones, for example, Kickflip, Hardflip, Hillflip, and so on. Ollie's trick is to bounce on the fingerboard, but keep the fingers on the skin. First, practice doing Ollie in place, only after that you can move on to performing a trick in motion.

Step 2

To begin with, place your fingers as follows: the middle finger is on the tail (tail of the finger), while it should cover the two rear bolts. The index finger should be placed in the middle, parallel to the fingerboard.

Step 3

After that, pull your finger back slightly and sharply click on the tail with your middle finger, and try to pull the board along the skin with your index finger. After the fingerboard comes off the surface, it must be aligned, this can be done with the same index finger. At this stage, the main thing is to learn how to clearly coordinate the actions of the fingers, as well as keep balance.

Step 4

In flight, try to keep your fingers above the screws, while controlling the balance. When landing, your fingers must be put back on the board (index to the front bolts, middle to the rear).

Step 5

Few people can do this trick the first time, but if you succeed in doing it, then you can consider yourself an excellent student, as a result, you will achieve tremendous results. After mastering the ollie in place, you can proceed to performing the trick in motion. To make your skating as effective as possible, try jumping onto books or cassettes. Or vice versa - jumping off a variety of objects.

Step 6

In no case do not give up training if the first time Ollie does not work out for you. Mastering the fingerboard is possible only as a result of constant training. Try it, and sooner or later you will definitely succeed.