How To Make A Foam Fish

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How To Make A Foam Fish
How To Make A Foam Fish

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Ordinary foam rubber can be used not only as padding material, but also for other household purposes. However, in order for the little thing to acquire an interesting and unusual look, the existing material must be given an unusual shape.

How to make a foam fish
How to make a foam fish

It is necessary

  • - foam rubber of different colors;
  • - ruler;
  • - compasses;
  • - pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - cardboard;
  • - safety pins;
  • - a knife for cutting paper.


Step 1

One of the applications can be a homemade dishwashing sponge or washcloth. These household items are, in one way or another, related to the theme of water. The version in the form of a fish will come in handy. Choose the right color for the foam. Classic "watery" colors are blue, green and turquoise. However, in the warm seas and oceans there are fish of so different and exotic colors and shades that the choice of color depends only on your imagination and taste preferences. Alternatively, you can make several blanks of different colors and sew them together with a thin fishing line or thread to match the selected material.

Step 2

The first thing to do, just like when preparing for sewing any wardrobe item, is to draw a pattern on paper. However, don't draw by hand. It can turn out crooked and, accordingly, ugly. To prepare the workpiece, it is best to use available tools, such as a ruler, compasses, pencil. One of the most elementary options for creating a blank is a dotted drawing. Those. draw the main axis, then draw from it segments of the required length in two directions, similar to how the branches grow near a tree. After that, connect the peak points (extrema) of the "branches" with a thin line. The more segments - branches, the more accurate the drawing will be. For the template, it is better to use thick paper such as cardboard.

Step 3

Take a pair of scissors and cut out your pattern. Now carefully pin the resulting blank to the foam rubber. Pin to the edge so that there is no free space. This should be done in order to make it easier to create a shape with smooth edges without jags.

Step 4

To achieve maximum evenness, it is better to cut the craft out not with ordinary scissors, but use a paper knife. Before you start cutting out the figure, do not forget to put thick paper or piece of wood under the foam blank. This is necessary in order not to damage the work surface and to make your task as easy as possible.

It is necessary to cut out the figure in one motion without lifting your hands. The resulting irregularities can be removed with scissors.

Step 5

Your dishwashing sponge or washcloth is ready.

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