How To Wear Talismans

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How To Wear Talismans
How To Wear Talismans

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There is an opinion among the people that the talisman must always be carried with you. It is unambiguous that there is logic in this, since his energy is capable of directly influencing a person's aura. Some talismans provide psychological protection to those who wear them. For example, you can take the lucky charm with you to an important exam.

How to wear talismans
How to wear talismans


Step 1

Some talismans need to be attached to a target to enhance their magical effect. Doing most of their work on the astral level, such talismans are not affected by distance or time, however, there are those that are best placed close to the person who wants to be convinced of their action.

Step 2

Talismans, which are intended for a speedy recovery and improvement of personal qualities, must be hidden under the pillow. This will help them to influence a person's personal aura and special energy centers during sleep. As a rule, talismans can do this even at a distance, but the effect will be weaker.

Step 3

Talismans that are intended for travel must be taken with you or put in a travel bag. Often, problems that may arise with a person on the road occur at the material level. If the talisman is at hand, then it will help to quickly neutralize all negativity.

Step 4

If your personal amulets are not included in the above categories, then they should be stored in a box or envelope where they will not deteriorate. Never put the talisman in a glass or lead container. Also, do not place them in a container tied with silk ribbon or thread. All this neutralizes the energy of the talisman at the astral level, isolating it from the outside world.

Step 5

For long-term storage of talismans, it is worth making a suitable container for them. Take a small wooden box and paint it all black. Then varnish. This is ideal for conserving the energy of talismans. However, remember that you only need to put one copy in the box.

Step 6

Keep in mind that you need to place talismans at a distance of at least three meters from each other, as cross-charging may occur. Also, they should not be placed next to powerful sources of electrical energy. This can negatively affect the energy of the talismans themselves.

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