Heaton Patricia: Career, Personal Life, Films

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Heaton Patricia: Career, Personal Life, Films
Heaton Patricia: Career, Personal Life, Films

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Patricia Heaton is a popular Hollywood actress. Around the world, she is known for her role in the American comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond. For her work, she has repeatedly received prestigious film awards.

Heaton Patricia: career, personal life, films
Heaton Patricia: career, personal life, films

Biography and film career

Patricia Helen Heaton (sometimes her name is pronounced as "Patricia") was born in the US state of Ohio in 1958. Her father Chuck Heaton was a popular American journalist and sports commentator, and almost nothing is known about Patricia Heard's mother, since she was not part of the film industry. Patricia Heaton grew up in a large family with three sisters and a brother. Her parents divorced when she was 13 years old, and four years later her father remarried.

After school, Heaton enrolled in acting classes, while playing on stage. Almost immediately after completing the courses, Patricia gets her first minor roles in TV shows and movies. Almost all the roles were secondary and invisible, so no one knew about the actress for a long time, until in 1996 she got the most successful role in her career - the main character in the project "Everyone Loves Raymond."

The series ran for 9 seasons, for each of which Heaton was nominated for an Emmy, winning twice. It was with the help of the role of Debra Barone that the actress became very famous and won the hearts of millions of viewers. Since 2009, she has been playing in the next cult television project “It Happens and Worse”. At the moment, 9 seasons of this series have been released, and Heaton continues to maintain the bar, receiving millions in royalties for each of the seasons.

In films, the Hollywood actress plays very rarely, giving preference to serials. But sometimes she agrees to take part in some comedy works on the big screen, such as "New Time", "Space Jam", "Mother's Rest Night" and some others. In 2017, she gave her voice to one of the characters in the cartoon "Guiding Star".

Between 1996 and 2018, Heaton published 8 of her books in a variety of genres, including an autobiographical work ("Motherhood and Hollywood: How to Get a Job Like Mine"), a cookbook ("Patricia Heaton's Food for Family and Friends"), psychological works ("Dual Earner Parents with Disabled Children: Pressures, Needs and Supports", "The Experience of Working Parents of Disabled Children: Family Case Studies") and some others. In addition, Patricia tried herself as a producer, taking part in organizing the filming process for 9 films.

Personal life

The actress entered into her first marriage in 1984. Her husband was Konstantin Yankoglu, a non-public person about whom the press has no information. The marriage lasted only 3 years, breaking up in 1987. In 1990, Patricia married the British film actor David Hunt for the second time. The couple has 4 children, all boys.

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