How To Use The Voice Recorder

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How To Use The Voice Recorder
How To Use The Voice Recorder

Video: How To Use The Voice Recorder

Video: How To Use The Voice Recorder
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Recently, the range of voice recorders in home appliance stores has increased significantly. This is due to an increase in demand for these products, because such a device can be very useful for work, study and in order to protect yourself when communicating with any people: by recording a conversation, you can, if necessary, prove the facts of rough treatment, bribery, etc. P.

How to use the voice recorder
How to use the voice recorder


Step 1

Modern voice recorders are easy to operate - they turn on, and they differ by pressing one button.

Take a close look at your voice recorder. On it there is a button or a slider with the designation of the on / off positions ("on / off"). Turn on the recorder.

Step 2

Next, you can make various settings for the display configuration, volume, timer and default file storage location.

Step 3

In order to create a dictaphone audio recording, press the "Rec" button, which is usually indicated by a red dot. Make sure that the microphone of your device is not too close to the sound source so that there are no extraneous noises and hiss, and too far from it for the sound to be clear and intelligible.

Step 4

Press the Rec button again to end recording.

Step 5

To listen to the recorded files, most voice recorders are equipped with a speaker, headphone input, buttons "Play", "Stop", forward and backward rewind and volume control. Find the file you need using the rewind or track switch buttons and click on "Play". When finished recording, click on "Stop".

Step 6

You can also listen to dictaphone recordings through a computer. To do this, you need to connect your device via a USB cable, find the folder containing the file, then the recording itself and double-click on it with the left mouse button, after which playback will begin.

Step 7

By connecting the recorder to your computer, you can transfer the audio recordings on it to your hard drive and thereby free up space on your media for new files.

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