How To Shrink A Song

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How To Shrink A Song
How To Shrink A Song

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There are situations when you have chosen a song, for example, in order to put on a dance to it. But the dance turned out to be shorter than the song, or some of its fragments do not fit your choreographic idea. In this case, you need to reduce the song, for example, remove an unnecessary intro or loss from the middle.

There may be other reasons for the shortening of the song.

How to shrink a song
How to shrink a song

It is necessary

Music editor


Step 1

First, you need to get a music editor - a special program designed to edit audio files. There are quite a few such programs. Some of them are: Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Cubase. Each of them has its own characteristics, but the principle of their use for our purposes is very similar.

Step 2

Open the music editor of your choice. Using the standard menu items "File" - "Open" load the audio file you want to reduce into the editor.

In some editors, you will have to switch from multitrack mode to single-track edit mode before doing this. This transition is carried out by buttons with the names "Multitrack view", "Edit View" or similar.

Step 3

When the file is opened for editing, you will see a characteristic image of the audio track on the screen. This is a graph of the amplitude of an audio signal over time. This track can be listened to using the standard buttons "Play", "Stop" and others. In this case, the slider on the graph will move along the track, indicating the place that is being played at the moment.

Step 4

While listening to the track, use the slider to determine the parts of the song that you want to cut. Place markers at the beginning and end of these places using the right button, or write down the start time and end time. Try to make the selected fragment a complete musical phrase, start with a strong beat, end before the start of a new phrase, i.e. was such that after deleting it, the song does not "stumble" in the place where the deleted fragment was.

Step 5

When the selection is complete, press the "Delete" key. The fragment will be deleted. Listen to the resulting track. If necessary, cancel the deletion using the undo button (or by pressing Ctrl-Z) and adjust the size of the deleted fragment.

Step 6

Then save the resulting track to a file using the "File", "Save as" items.

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