How To Draw A Fight

How To Draw A Fight
How To Draw A Fight

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Combat is a form of hostilities conducted by organized units of equipment. Depending on the combat units, the battle can be naval or air. To convey the fighting mood in the drawing, you can depict only a minimum of details, but in the right angle.

How to draw a fight
How to draw a fight

It is necessary

A4 sheet of paper, pencil and eraser


Step 1

Depict a dogfight. Sketch with a pencil on a piece of paper. In the upper left corner, draw an oblong oval. In the middle of the left edge there are two lines of about the same size as the oval. And in the lower left part, sketch out a shapeless spot. Draw a cruciform shape in the middle of the sheet. Just below the middle of the right edge, another one is about 3 times larger than the previous one.

Step 2

Start a detailed drawing of all the designated items. The upper left corner will be occupied by a descending plane. To depict it, slightly raise the left edge of the oval and draw a small hump there - the tail of the plane. Align the middle of the oval, i.e. flatten to the width of the nose and tail of the aircraft. From the middle down, draw an arched, deep line. On the opposite side, depict her in a symmetrical position. At the nose of the aircraft, draw an elongated figure eight propeller. Press lightly on the pencil when drawing these details.

Step 3

Give the shapeless spot the shape of an explosion in the water. To do this, draw zigzag lines from the base upwards. There should be 2-3 lines hanging over each other. Then simply blend the dust off the pencil with a piece of paper or an eraser. Make sure that the edges of the spray are uneven, with breaks.

Step 4

Turn the cruciform shape into an airplane. To do this, draw a horizontal line with an elongated oval. Make the vertical one a little narrower than the horizontal, draw the borders parallel. The plane is hit and falls down. Accordingly, the tail will be at the top. Draw another short and wide horizontal line at the end of the vertical line. In the bow, draw two propellers with eights. Let the smoke out of them - two parallel lines at the beginning that intersect at the top and go down. They should be shaded and dark in color.

Step 5

Draw the third plane by analogy with the second. With only one propeller facing up and no smoke.

Step 6

Shade the lower part of the picture with horizontal lines. The maximum number of them should not exceed five. It will be water. Draw the drawing in black and white. The background is light, everything else is dark. In some places, water and explosion can be clarified.

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