How To Knit A Half-over For Women

How To Knit A Half-over For Women
How To Knit A Half-over For Women

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The onset of cold weather forces women to put aside summer dresses, blouses and give preference to sweaters. To make the pullover not only warm and comfortable, but also emphasizing the figure of the owner, you can knit it yourself, taking into account your individual parameters.

The raglan line on the pullover is clearly visible
The raglan line on the pullover is clearly visible

Preparation for knitting

There are several ways to knit a pullover on knitting needles, and they differ precisely in the type of handy tools. Better than others, it fits the figure and emphasizes the slimness of the shoulders, the shape of the chest, the presence of the raglan waist. It is performed on stocking needles, and before starting work, you need to purchase two sets of them: short and long. The former are useful for knitting the collar and sleeves, the latter for the rest. The needles must have the same diameter, that is, if long # 3 is purchased, then the short ones must be of the same number.

Any yarn is suitable, but novice needlewomen should not take mohair - in case of a mistake it will be difficult to dissolve it. For the winter version, you can buy yarn, which includes wool and acrylic in approximately equal proportions, measuring 250-300 m per 100 g.

It is necessary to calculate the number of loops to be recruited. To do this, a small sample is knitted with an elastic band 1x1, 2x2 or another, then the number of loops in one centimeter is found. The girth of the neck is measured with a tailor's centimeter, after which the total number of loops is calculated by multiplication.

Work technology

Loops in approximately equal numbers are typed on 4 knitting needles, the fabric is closed and knitted in a circle. It is necessary to ensure that the last loop on each knitting needle is purl - so when knitting the collar you will not have to change their position, moving to the next row.

Having knitted a few centimeters - depending on the length of the neck and the type of collar chosen, you need to go to the main pattern. This is where the additions begin. The number of loops is divided into six parts: two of them will go to the sleeves, and two more - to the back and front. One loop is left between these parts to form a raglan line. You can take more or replace this line with a beautiful pattern, such as a simple plait. The locations of the four loops are marked with contrasting thread knots or pins.

The addition is performed in every 2nd row. Loops are added with yarn overs, one immediately before and after each raglan line. That is, the row will increase by 8 loops - two for each line. In the second row, yarns are knitted with a crossed front or purl loop, the rest is according to the pattern.

Having reached the armpits, you need to select the loops of the sleeves and transfer them to additional pins, or remove them on a thread of a contrasting color and tie it in a circle. The remaining loops of the back and front are also closed in a circle and knitted to the expected length of the pullover. If there is a desire to highlight the waist, then when approaching it, several loops are reduced, and then added back - to expand on the hips.

The loops of each sleeve are transferred to short knitting needles and knit to the wrist. For narrowing, the loops are reduced. A product made with the raglan technique has no seams and therefore does not require stitching of parts.

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