How To Roll Balls

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How To Roll Balls
How To Roll Balls

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Playing billiards is not at all as easy as it might seem at first glance. This game has its own subtleties, taking into account which you can achieve high professionalism. Let's talk in more detail about the tricks of billiards, which allow you to easily and naturally roll balls into the pockets.

How to roll balls
How to roll balls


Step 1

In order to roll balls in billiards, first learn how to hit with a cue right into the center of the cue ball. After all, many beginners make mistakes not because they aim poorly, but because they cannot hit with a cue directly at this point with a central blow. When making a shot, look not at the cue ball, but at the object ball. If you comply with these conditions, hitting the cue ball will happen by itself. You will get an undistorted cue ball trajectory, and this is what ensures the maximum accuracy of the strike.

Step 2

There are also decentralized strikes, they are needed in order to change the natural trajectory of the cue ball. Remember that in this case, you should not direct the cue more than 1-2 cm past the middle of the ball, otherwise there is a risk that the shaft will slide off. There is also a kick above the center of the cue ball, it is called roll forward. When hit like this, the cue ball will go much further forward when it hits the target ball than its natural trajectory when you hit the center shot. Striking below the center of the cue-ball, on the other hand, causes the cue-ball to deflect back from its natural territory, and it can also quickly stop. When making this blow, do not lift the cue handle up, on the contrary, raise it somewhere 2-5 cm above the side of the billiard table. If you are doing a normal shot, then simply move the cue horizontally. Don't be discouraged if everything doesn't work out right away, time and practice will bring results!

Step 3

To ensure your hitting is accurate, follow the instructions below. Rub the cue stick with chalk before each hit. Keep the striking hand close to the body, but remember that the cue should not touch the player's clothing or thighs. Do not stick out the elbow of the striking arm, but also do not press it against the body. You need to make sure that your elbow and hand move very easily, but not dangle. When hitting, direct the cue forward in a straight line. Before hitting, perform a couple of smooth simulating movements to make the lead more accurate. After hitting, the cue should be in place of the cue ball.

Step 4

Try to give the movements smoothness and uniformity, do not jerk the cue or stop it immediately after hitting. Make the cue slide smoothly forward and stop without undue movement.

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