How To Knit A Women's Pullover

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How To Knit A Women's Pullover
How To Knit A Women's Pullover

Video: How To Knit A Women's Pullover

Video: How To Knit A Women's Pullover
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With the approach of cold weather, many begin to think about warm things. But you can not only buy things, but also knit yourself. If you know how to knit, now is the time to start working on a new pullover, and if not, it's a good reason to learn. The word pullover comes from the English pull - to pull and over - around. If you decipher, you get a tight-fitting jacket without buttons and fasteners. One of the distinctive features of the pullover is the neckline. Thanks to it, the pullover can be worn either on its own or with a shirt.

How to knit a women's pullover
How to knit a women's pullover

It is necessary

  • -yarn;
  • - knitting needles or hook;
  • -scissors;
  • -pattern.


Step 1

First you need to choose a yarn. Since a pullover is a casual wear, choose yarn with the least amount of synthetics. A good yarn will retain the color and structure of the fiber for a long time.

Cotton, silk, maize and bamboo are perfect for a lightweight pullover. For a warmer one - cashmere, alpaca, merino, etc.

Step 2

Make a knitting pattern for a pullover according to your measurements. The basis is the volume of the hips, waist and chest. You also need to consider the width of the shoulders, the height of the armholes, the depth of the neck and the length of the sleeves. You can take measurements of your clothes that fit you perfectly.

When knitting a pullover, pay special attention to the neckline. Imagine in advance what you are going to wear it with. If with a shirt, then the pullover should be knitted with a V-neck. The pullover is also perfect for a turtleneck, but here the neckline should be changed to a higher and semicircular one.

If you want to wear the product with a sweater with a hood, then the neckline of the back should be slightly underestimated. This will keep the hood flat and out of your way.

Step 3

Tie the pattern of your choice 10x10 cm. Using it, you can determine how many loops you need to type from the calculation of your pattern. For example, 14 loops were included in the 10 cm sample. Therefore, 64 loops must be cast on the back of a 46 cm wide pullover. The pattern for the pullover should not be too transparent, as other clothes can look ugly from under it. If the pullover will be dressed separately, then any pattern will do.

Step 4

Start knitting the back. Tie an elastic band 2-3 cm high. Next, knit the fabric with the selected pattern. If the pattern is still difficult for you, then you can stop at the front surface. Moreover, if your yarn is of a bright or melange color, then the front loops will only emphasize it.

Step 5

Pullovers are usually fitted and quite tight. Tie a fabric about 10 cm long and 46 cm wide. At this height, begin to decrease one loop on each side in every 4th row. On the contrary, at a height of 25 cm, add one loop in every 4th row. When the back reaches a height of 30 cm, close the loops for the armholes. Usually they are covered by 5 cm, but with a "ladder", i.e. in one row 5 loops, above them 3 loops, and then another 2. Perform a similar knit on both sides. Knit another 20 cm - the back is ready.

Step 6

Tie the front of the pullover in the same way, but pay special attention to the neckline. To do this, count the loops and close the 10 middle ones. Next, close the "ladder" on 2 loops on the inside of another 5 rows.

The V-neck is knitted differently. Count all stitches and bind off one middle stitch. Knit each side separately, decreasing one stitch from the inside. But do not forget about the armholes.

Step 7

For the sleeve, knit a 25 cm wide canvas with the same pattern as the main parts. At a height of 10 cm, start adding 1 loop on both sides. Having knitted 52 cm, close on the sides 7 loops. Next, close 1 loop on each side until the sleeve is 60 cm long.

Step 8

The pullover differs from other types of sweaters in that it does not have a collar, a large "throat" like a sweater, and buttons. Therefore, it is necessary to decorate the neck of the pullover beautifully. Take a crochet hook and tie a crustacean step over the entire neckline. It will turn out beautifully and simply.

There is a more complicated way, but better. Type on the neckline of the loops from the edging and knit with an elastic band 2-3 cm. The elastic should be the same as on the back, front and sleeves. Now the pullover is completely ready.

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