How To String Guitar Strings

How To String Guitar Strings
How To String Guitar Strings

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Complete replacement of strings on the guitar occurs at least once a month. The experience of venerable musicians allows the first tuning of new strings to be done quickly and effortlessly.

How to string guitar strings
How to string guitar strings


Step 1

After removing the old strings, start stringing and tuning the new ones one at a time. The order of pulling is as follows: string one, string six, string two, string five, string three, string four. Once you stretch the string, tune immediately with a tuner, piano tuning fork, or other instrument. Only after tuning one string, move on to the other.

Step 2

Passing the string through the hole in the tuning peg, pull out a small tail (depending on the type of strings, it can be 10-20 cm). There is no need to wind up the entire string - it takes too much time and also does not affect the sound quality. Cut off the excess section after full adjustment with pliers.

Step 3

Pull your guitar strings in one direction, especially if the tuning pegs are on one side of the headstock. First, while playing, it will be easier for you to tweak the tuning without trying to guess the direction of the twist. Otherwise, by sharply turning the peg in the opposite direction, you risk even breaking the string and spending a fair amount of time replacing it. Secondly, with an uneven twist, the strings quickly lose pitch and require constant control and attention.

Step 4

The choice of the tuning peg on which the string is wound depends on the location of the tuning pegs. With a one-sided arrangement, the first string is wound on the lowest (closest to the nut) peg, and the sixth on the topmost (farthest from the nut). The rest of the strings are twisted in accordance with the distance from the first, in order.

With a two-way arrangement (three pegs on the right, three on the left), the first string is pulled on the right peg closest to the nut, the second on the middle peg in the same place, the third on the upper one in the same place. The fourth, fifth and sixth are twisted on the left, on the upper, middle and lower pegs, respectively.

Step 5

Leave the guitar on for a while after first tuning. During this time, the new strings will stretch and lower the pitch a little. After that, set them up again and start executing.

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