How To Make A Keychain

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How To Make A Keychain
How To Make A Keychain

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New skills are never superfluous. We suggest that you master one of them right now by making a keychain in the form of a leaf with a ladybug from multi-colored plastic. It will become a lovely gift for you, and if you get used to it, you can dazzle it for your loved ones. After all, there are always holidays, and a gift, even a tiny one, will be pleasant to everyone.

How to make a keychain
How to make a keychain

It is necessary

  • Multi-colored plastic (sold in stationery stores.
  • Plastic sculpting board.
  • Carabiner on a chain.
  • Knife
  • Tweezers
  • Awl


Step 1

Take a piece of green plastic and roll two droplets out of it: one slightly smaller. Connect their half and, crushing, arrange in the form of a leaf.

Step 2

Take a piece of brown plastic and mold a thin twig, which you then attach to the leaf.

Step 3

Draw the veins from the center of the leaf with a knife. Draw from the bottom to get the most natural result.

Step 4

Now start sculpting a ladybug. To do this, you will need red and black heads. Blind circles out of them and attach to each other. Draw a line along the body with tweezers and make specks. If you want a ladybug to look at the world, blind her eyes from white plastic.

Step 5

Carefully drill a hole in the leaf with an awl. Then insert the ladybug carabiner there.

Step 6

Leave the product to dry for 24 hours, after which it will be ready!

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