What Is Exposure For?

What Is Exposure For?
What Is Exposure For?

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Many novice photographers notice that not all settings in their camera are automatic only after a considerable time after purchasing and using a camera. This is evidence that the photographer is beginning to achieve more serious results in photography. One of the manually adjustable parameters is shutter speed. Let's figure out what it is and what it is for.

What is exposure for?
What is exposure for?

Exposure - The amount of time the shutter stays open while the shot is being taken is one of the basic concepts in photography. We can paraphrase and say that this is the parameter responsible for the speed at which the shutter is activated. The amount of light that falls on the matrix at the time of shooting depends on it.

Accordingly, if the shutter speed is short (the shutter is activated quickly), then little light falls on the matrix and the frame turns out to be darker. Conversely, if you set a large value (slow shutter speed), then enough light falls and the frame is brighter.

Therefore, a beginner photographer needs to remember a simple thing. The first thing he should do when going to take a picture is to assess the light conditions in which he is. If you are shooting indoors and there is not enough light, it is best to try to attract an additional light source. For example, turn on a lamp or open the curtains. And only if there is still not enough light, change the shutter speed up.

If there is enough light (indoors or outdoors), then the shutter speed can be slowed down, then the picture will turn out to be more contrasting and expressive. In order to learn this simple principle, practice. Take multiple shots in different lighting conditions.

Slow shutter speeds are considered values ​​from 1 to 1/30, medium shutter speeds are 1/125 to 1/500, and short shutter speeds are 1/500 and above.

Why should you use shutter speed with caution? Higher values ​​give a blurry effect. Considering the natural shaking of hands during shooting, you may get not very clear footage. Therefore, when shooting at slow shutter speeds, it is best to use a tripod.

This effect can be successfully used, but only if the photographer has mastered the skills of working with this parameter one hundred percent. Remember sports reportage photos, in which a beautiful train is left behind a running, jumping, skiing athlete. Or shooting a city at night, where the headlights of cars merge into a single strip of light. All these are expressive possibilities of endurance, the main thing is to learn how to use them correctly.

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