How To Meet A Star

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How To Meet A Star
How To Meet A Star

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In any company there is a star - a guy or a girl who conquers the hearts of his entourage. If you sigh with hopeless sadness for "miss popularity" or "super hero", wait and despair. There are ways to get close to such a person.

How to meet a star
How to meet a star


Step 1

Study the person and their stellar surroundings. Ask what tastes the celebrity has, what he enjoys, how he spends time, where he goes. Pay attention to the person's friendly environment, how it is customary to communicate in such a circle.

A popular person lives by communication, it is difficult to find him at home alone. He loves to be seen. Most likely, the star attends clubs, recognized events, trending parties, famous places of worship. A celebrity, with a high probability, knows all the latest news, is aware of premieres and news. Stars are drawn to their own kind, follow the fashion.

Step 2

Be where the celebrity spends his time. If you want to meet a popular person, you have to be in his way. Fall in love with these places at least for a while.

Step 3

Take an original approach. Get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Banal words and phrases from the “hello! How are you?" will not fit. It would be ideal to come up with such an idea, after which the star itself will descend to you from the sky.

Prepare for the conversation. After attracting attention, you need to prove yourself. You may only get one chance to start a conversation. Avoid saying that you admire and are in love with the person. Celebrities talk about it every day, and this is already a kind of mantra.

Step 4

Be unique, have achievements. Become a master of your craft. A popular person should be proud of you, too.

Step 5

Don't compete. Let the celebrity shine in the world where she is popular. Don't overshadow it. But at the same time, know your worth and know how to present yourself. Let the star be the first and the best. Sometimes, for the sake of appearance, win in something, but do not overdo it - this hurts the sick vanity of the audience's favorite.

Step 6

Become socially active: be aware of what everyone's favorite loves so much. If it's a theater, tell the person about the premieres. When a celebrity is interested in people, remind you that today is the birthday of a famous actor or figure.

Stay up to date with new products and unusual events. Cafes and cinemas, most likely, the star has already become boring. Invite a person to trending exhibitions, fashion shows, and social gatherings. "Mrs. Popularity" or "the guy-something-for-something" is always eager to take their day. If you don't invite a star to the event, someone else will.

Step 7

Don't be jealous. A popular person is always surrounded by a huge number of people, and you need to come to terms with this. If you want to restrict the freedom of the public favorite, it is very likely to cause conflict and become a reason for a break.

Step 8

Do not be late, the stars do not like to wait. Come to the meeting on time.

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