How To Disassemble A Lighter

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How To Disassemble A Lighter
How To Disassemble A Lighter

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The Zippo branded lighter is practical, reliable and durable. But no matter how infallible her reputation may be, the lighter still fails from time to time. Some parts fail, flint and wick wear out, fuel runs out. The lighter must be disassembled for repair or preventive maintenance. This is a simple matter, although it requires some skill.

How to disassemble a lighter
How to disassemble a lighter

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Step 1

Determine for what purpose you are disassembling the lighter. The sequence of actions and the order of disassembly will depend on the answer to this question. Usually, disassembly is carried out to refuel the lighter with fuel, to change worn-out flint, replace a burnt-out wick, and often just out of our natural curiosity.

Step 2

Take the lighter in your hands and remove the lighter insert from the decorative case. Set the case aside; you won't need it anytime soon.

Step 3

Turn the insert upside down. You will see a felt lining. Lift the gasket and examine the filler of the lighter. If you are faced with the task of filling the device, saturate the filler with special fuel from the bottle by sliding the bottle spout under the felt pad.

Step 4

If your task is to replace worn out flint, first unscrew the screw. Pull out the spring-shaped retainer. Make sure nothing is stuck inside the slot. Take the pre-prepared new flint and insert it into the designated place. When performing the described procedure, you do not need to remove the felt gasket from the lighter and no filler is required.

Step 5

Disassemble the lighter completely to replace the wick. Unscrew the screw with the spring (the screw presses the felt gasket). Use tweezers to remove the filler and pull out the wick. It is laid in a filler in the form of a kind of "snake". Take a new wick and insert it into the lighter. Now pull out the new wick from the back with tweezers. Set the wick to the desired length, trim the tip if necessary.

Step 6

Replace the filler while gently snaking the wick. Slide the flint back into place and secure it. Insert the lighter into the decorative case. The lighter is ready for further use.

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