How To Blind A Fox

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How To Blind A Fox
How To Blind A Fox

Various animals appear in most children's fairy tales and stories, and one of the favorite children's fairy tale characters is the fox. A beautiful red fox not only pleases with its appearance, but also develops creative abilities - every child can easily mold a fabulous fox from bright colored plasticine. Teach your child to sculpt plasticine figures, and you will see how much pleasure he will get from creativity.

How to blind a fox
How to blind a fox

It is necessary

  • - colored plasticine,
  • - stacks for plasticine processing,
  • - matches.


Step 1

Prepare colored plasticine - you will need white, black and orange colors, as well as special stacks for processing plasticine and matches. Start by sculpting individual parts of the fox's body - cut a medium-sized piece of orange plasticine into three pieces.

Step 2

Roll a small ball from one part, which will become the head of a fox, and from the second part, roll a sausage - the body of a fox. Divide the remaining orange plasticine into four parts. Roll each piece into sausages to get four legs.

Step 3

Now take a ball - a blank for the future head, and with the help of your fingers gently mold a pointed muzzle on it, pulling one side of the ball towards you.

Step 4

Sharpen the tip, then tear off a small piece of black plasticine and roll it into a nose ball. Glue the nose onto the tip of the pointed orange muzzle. Roll the eyes out of the same black balls and attach them above the fox's nose. Then blind the neck and use it to secure the head to the body.

Step 5

For strength, you can connect the fox's limbs to each other with matchstick fragments. Glue the legs on the sides of the body and give them the desired shape, slightly bending the legs at the joints and forming pads.

Step 6

Roll a thick sausage from a separate piece of orange plasticine, and then give it the shape of a lush tail - make one end of the sausage thinner and the other wider. Secure the tail with the thin end to the body of the fox. At the end of the tail and on the breast of the fox, glue a small amount of white plasticine.

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