How To Make Costume Ears

How To Make Costume Ears
How To Make Costume Ears

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In order for the carnival costume of a bunny or squirrel to look more authentic, it is necessary to complement the image with ears sewn with your own hands from faux fur of a suitable color.

How to make costume ears
How to make costume ears

It is necessary

  • - thin plastic bezel;
  • - short pile artificial fur;
  • - fabric for the inner part of the ear;
  • - wire;
  • - threads of a suitable color, a needle, scissors.


Step 1

Get a thin plastic headband. The color of the item does not matter as it will be covered with faux fur or fabric. Opt for a headband that doesn't squeeze too hard on the head, as the layer of fabric will add more pressure and feel uncomfortable in the headband.

Step 2

Choose fabric for the inside of the ears and faux fur for the outside. Try to match the color of the material with the suit itself, and the fabric on the inside matches the outside of the ear. Opt for short-piled faux fur to keep the ears from looking unkempt.

Step 3

Cut a strip out of the fur to fit the headband, it must match the length of the headband. Wrap a strip of fabric around the headband and sew, pulling together the edges with fine stitches. Sew the holes in the ends of the headband.

Step 4

Make a pattern for the ears themselves. You will need to cut out two pieces of faux fur and two pieces of fabric for the interior, all pieces must be the same size. Fold 1 piece of fur and one of the fabric right sides in, sew each eyelet around the perimeter. Do not sew up the hole at the base of the ear, through which the sewn product will turn inside out.

Step 5

Cut two pieces of wire that hold its shape well. Determine the length by eye, the main thing is that it is enough to place the wire around the perimeter of the ear. Bend each piece of wire, insert into the eyelet and straighten. With a couple of small stitches, grab the wire in two or three places so that the inner and outer parts of the eyelet do not twist. Tie the ends of the wire gently to the headband in the places where the ears should be located.

Step 6

Pull up the fabric at the base of the ears so that it covers the headband. Sew the ears to the headband with small stitches so that no pieces of wire or cut of fabric are visible. Correct the shape of the ears.

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