How To Knit Shoulders

How To Knit Shoulders
How To Knit Shoulders

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Depending on the model, the shoulders on the front and back details are knitted either straight or beveled. In the first case, it is enough to close the remaining loops after the neckline and armhole have been tied. To knit a beveled shoulder, you must first make a calculation.

How to knit shoulders
How to knit shoulders

It is necessary

  • - yarn;
  • - knitting needles.


Step 1

Draw the pattern on squared paper. Thus, you will clearly see how many loops you will need to close in each row (1 cell = 1 loop). For example, the following numbers turned out: 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4. That is, in the first row you will need to close 6 loops, in the second - 5, etc.

Step 2

If you close the loops as usual, the cut will turn out in steps. If you are satisfied with such an edge (the cut will disappear from the seamy side of the product), then close the loops in every second row from the side of the armhole according to your calculation. Knit the remaining loops of the row according to the pattern.

Step 3

However, it is possible to make shoulder bevels without steps to get an even cut. To do this, knit shortened rows, that is, at the end of each row, do not knit the last loops.

Step 4

Leave the required number of loops from the right edge untied at the end of the purl row. Then turn the work, make one yarn, so that later a hole does not form in this place. Knit the front row. Repeat these steps as many times as you want.

Step 5

Next, close all the loops in the purl row. At the same time, knit yarns along with the next loop.

Step 6

On the left side, leave the loops untied in the front rows. And knit yarns together with the next loop. An even edge with a similar method is obtained due to the fact that the groups of loops are not knitted and closed in the same row.

Step 7

If you are knitting a piece of thick yarn, in this case, do the shoulder with a partial knit. Knit the shoulder in one of the ways above, but do not cover the knitting. Then knit a couple of rows with front loops, and then a few more with auxiliary thread. Steam off the shoulder, loosen the auxiliary thread and one row of the main yarn. Connect the details of the back and shelves with a loop-to-loop seam.

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