How To Make Crafts With Your Own Hands

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How To Make Crafts With Your Own Hands
How To Make Crafts With Your Own Hands

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Much of what we buy in the store can be done by hand. First of all, this concerns souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives, as well as decorative decorations for the home. In order to make an original exclusive item, whatever is at hand in any home is quite suitable - empty jars and plastic bottles, pieces of fabric, threads, buttons, wire, etc.

How to make crafts with your own hands
How to make crafts with your own hands

It is necessary

Paper, scissors, glue, braid, beads, plastic bottles, glass jars, paints, brushes, reeds, cotton wool, clay


Step 1

From paper you can make a greeting card, Valentine's card, origami, a bouquet of paper flowers, New Year's decorations. With the help of glue, it is easy to decorate any paper craft with satin ribbons, flower petals, braid, beads, colored sand.

Step 2

Empty plastic bottles make great stationery cups. To do this, the upper part of the bottle is cut off, the edges of the resulting glass along the cut line are pasted over with electrical tape or a strip of rubber. To make the cup more stable, you can attach a wooden stand to its base using silicone glue.

Step 3

Any figurine, plate, glass can be fashioned from clay (ordinary or polymer). The resulting souvenir is painted with special paints or decorated with shells, beads, acorn caps and other materials.

Step 4

Small glass jars make wonderful candlesticks. To do this, the jar is painted with stained-glass paints, pasted over with bright tape, wrapped in multi-colored threads (you must first coat the surface of the jar with glue). When the paint or glue is dry, put a small candle inside the jar - the candlestick is ready with your own hands. Glass jars are also convenient for storing small items. At the same time, the lids of the cans are decorated with figures cut out of dense material, funny faces, etc.

Step 5

Reeds can be used to weave baskets, rugs, vases, decorative plates and even house slippers. Reed can be used to wrap glassware, which not only gives it an unusual look, but also protects it from impacts.

Step 6

You can make curly images from cotton wool. To do this, draw a silhouette of a figure (bunny, snowman, herringbone, tree, clouds, etc.) on a piece of cardboard. Grease the area of ​​the drawn figure with glue and sequentially, centimeter by centimeter, glue cotton wool. Make eyes, mouth, nose, twigs and other details from materials contrasting in color, depending on the characteristics of the picture.

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