How To Make A Donkey Out Of Tires

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How To Make A Donkey Out Of Tires
How To Make A Donkey Out Of Tires

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With the help of crafts made from car tires and other waste materials, you can not only decorate a personal plot, but also give it brightness and creativity. An unusual approach to the design of the site will make it a wonderful place to stay.

How to make a donkey out of tires
How to make a donkey out of tires

It is necessary

  • - boards, trimming of wooden building materials;
  • - self-tapping screws or other fasteners;
  • - several pieces of reinforcement for the frame;
  • - several car tires;
  • - one bicycle tire;
  • - paint and brush.


Step 1

Make a frame of the future craft from pieces of reinforcement. To do this, drive four pins into the ground in those places where the legs of the donkey are supposed to be installed, in the area of ​​the body it is better to fasten them together. This creates a stable basis for further work.

Step 2

Cut one of the large tires in half. Attach it to the armature legs with the round part down - this will be the body of the donkey. To make the donkey's back, cut a long strip from another tire and lay it on the inverted half, fasten it well.

Step 3

Make a donkey's head - use the other half of the tire for this. It must be fixed in the desired position by attaching one end, which will represent the neck, to the body. You can arrange the harness so that it supports your head.

Step 4

The legs of a donkey made of reinforcement look ugly - cover them with bicycle tires. Try to direct the pieces of reinforcement in such a way that the legs look more natural.

Step 5

Decorate the composition with additional details - this will help bring it to life and give it realism. Cut out the ears and tail of the donkey from the pieces of the tire, attach them in the right places.

Step 6

You can harness the donkey to the cart. To do this, make up a harness from pieces of wood; a piece of rubber bent in a semicircle from the tire will work as a clamp. Make a pair of wheels from planks or take real ones - from a broken bike, wheelbarrows.

Step 7

Fasten two sticks together with a bar - this is the easiest option in order to imitate shafts and a cart. Strengthen one side of the resulting structure on a standing donkey, fix the other on the ground. Arrange the wheels on both sides of the bar.

Step 8

The cart itself is very easy to make from a whole tire. Place the tire on the block between the wheels. If you make a bottom for it, you can pour it into the ground and plant flowers - it turns out that the donkey carries on itself a whole flower bed. To make your homemade composition brighter and more natural, paint the finished craft in any color.

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