How To Make A Golf Club

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How To Make A Golf Club
How To Make A Golf Club

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Hockey is played by many children and adults all over the world, and everyone knows that it is impossible to play hockey without a stick - be it ice hockey or bandy. In order to make your own hockey stick, you will have enough basic woodworking skills. In this article, you will learn the steps involved in creating a simple wooden hockey stick.

How to make a golf club
How to make a golf club


Step 1

You will need oak or ash wood beams 60 mm wide and 30 mm thick. The length of the timber should be about 1000-1200 mm.

Step 2

Measure 50 cm from the end of the bar and place this piece of wood in hot water - the end must be thoroughly steamed so that the bar bends well. Remove the tree from the water and saw the end of the timber 30-40 cm long.

Step 3

After that, place the end in the previously prepared template and bend the bar, without waiting for it to cool down after steaming. Bend the workpiece to the desired angle and fix it with wedges and clamps in a bent position.

Step 4

Wait for the wood to dry. Dry your club blank in a warm and dry place without temperature or humidity changes during the day. After a day, remove the workpiece from the bindings and template and start processing it, giving the club a finished look.

Step 5

Drill the sawn end of the bow with a drill and rivet with soft copper wire with metal washers. Cut both sides of the bent bow with a plane until it reaches a thickness of one and a half millimeters.

Step 6

After shaping the bow, start shaping the handle - plane it with a plane, making the handle with a round or faceted section, if desired. Any excess wood at the top of the handle can be sawed off.

Step 7

Finish the club with a final sanding and buffing - use sandpaper and fine sandpaper. Cover the surface of the club with a protective varnish. Wait for the varnish to dry and then wrap the temple with a tight knotted strap. For convenience, wrap the handle of the club with a rubber band in a spiral.

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