How To Make A Bullet

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How To Make A Bullet
How To Make A Bullet

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Every hunter should know how to make homemade bullets in the field. It may very well be that it is a bullet made with your own hands that will help you catch big game on a hunt. Making a bullet in the field is not difficult, you just need to comply with important conditions. First, the diameter of the bullet should be less than the diameter of the choke points of your rifle barrels. Secondly, when fired, the bullet must pass strictly along the axis of the barrel.

How to make a bullet
How to make a bullet

It is necessary

Soft lead, notebook sheet, glue, threads, river sand, small metal utensils


Step 1

Roll a tube from the notebook sheet with an inner diameter about one millimeter less than the diameter of the choke narrowing of the hole in your trunk.

Step 2

Glue and tie the paper tube so that it does not unwind, and stick it in the sand. The tube must be strictly vertical.

Step 3

Melt the lead and pour it slowly into the manufactured tube, when the metal cools down, you will get a lead rod.

Step 4

Chop off a piece of the lead bar and hit with a hard object until you make a lead ball.

Step 5

Roll the resulting bullet along the barrel of the gun. If the bullet rolls without delay, then it is ready, otherwise chop off a small piece from the ball and repeat the previous step.

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