How To Choose A Frame For A Painting

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How To Choose A Frame For A Painting
How To Choose A Frame For A Painting

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It is difficult to imagine a time when paintings were unframed. The frame creates a complete look for the works of art. Well matched to the picture, it allows you to focus on the image.

How to choose a frame for a painting
How to choose a frame for a painting


Step 1

The frame and the picture should form a single whole with each other, complementing each other. The relief of the frame can follow the contours of what is shown in the picture. For paintings with warm shades, frames with the color of gold, bronze are suitable.

Step 2

Remember that large frames are capable of casting large shadows. When choosing such a frame, carefully calculate the illumination angle.

Step 3

It is very important to choose the right frame size. For a small painting, choose wide baguettes. Observe the principle - the area of ​​the frame should be larger than the area of ​​the artwork.

Step 4

The material from which the frame is made is important. Keep in mind that natural wood goes well with any painting. Frames made of narrow wooden planks harmonize well with pencil drawings.

Step 5

The style of the painting is also of great importance. Avant-garde work will not look in a chic baguette with gilding and stucco molding. A narrow metal-colored aluminum bezel will not work at all for an antique piece.

Step 6

Metal coated frames are suitable for modern art paintings. An alloy of silver and gold will help balance flashy colors and blend with rich tones. Drawings made with ink and charcoal will look spectacular in a dark and strict frame.

Step 7

Paintings that are made in watercolors on paper should be made out in mat. Place them under special protective glass to keep the paint from fading. Do not let the paper touch the glass surface.

Step 8

Passepartout comes in a variety of shades that can enhance the intensity of the colors in a painting. Some help to highlight cold or warm tones, and the lines and ornaments on them can make a single ensemble with a work of art. By varying the look and color of the frame for the same painting, you can achieve a variety of effects.

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