How To Make A Flower Pot In Minecraft

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How To Make A Flower Pot In Minecraft
How To Make A Flower Pot In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Flower Pot In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Flower Pot In Minecraft
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In Minecraft, any gamer craving for the realism of the game can surround himself with things familiar to the non-virtual world. For example, he can craft various household appliances, furniture, or other elements that create coziness in the home. Among them, flower pots will often be found.

Flower pots will decorate the game interior
Flower pots will decorate the game interior

Flower pots without mods

Such a decorative block, which appeared in Minecraft a couple of years ago in version 12w34a, has practically not undergone functional changes since then. The pot can still be installed on inverted slabs or stairs, and, in addition to flowers, it is worth planting mushrooms, cacti (which will decrease in size), dry bushes, ferns and seedlings in it. By the way, the latter in this case, even with the addition of bone meal, will not turn into full-fledged trees.

Crafting a flower pot will not be difficult for many gamers. For one such product, three bricks are required. They will need to be placed in the outermost cells of the middle horizontal row of the workbench, as well as in the central lower one. However, the problem in this case will be different - where exactly to get such bricks.

A similar building material is made, as in the real world, from clay. To do this, it should be burned in a furnace with coal. However, first you need to find the clay. There is only one way to do this - to go down to the bottom of a small reservoir. There is a very high probability of finding clay in a swamp. However, not very large rivers are also rich in it. For the extraction of the above material, it is worth using a shovel.

A very significant chance may arise when mining clay on the ocean floor. True, here the gamer faces one serious difficulty: while he goes down there, all the air supplies run the risk of being used up. Therefore, a more effective method of extraction in this case will be the use of enchanted armor or the construction of an underwater base on the deposit of the required material (on which, of course, there will be something to breathe).

However, if there is absolutely no desire to indulge in such tricks in order to get a flower pot, you can try to find it ready-made. If there is a witch's hut nearby, it is worth trying to find the desired item there. Usually the sorceress grows red mushrooms in such pots. However, one should not think that the hostess will agree to part with such interior details voluntarily - she will have to fight.

Flower pot mods

Much more opportunities for home-grown florists open up after installing various special mods. With them, there will be many options available for crafting pots - as well as options for their placement.

For example, with Modular Flower Pots, it will be possible to create a lot of different decorative blocks of this kind and install them even just on the soil in the garden. The pots here are crafted not only the usual brownish, but also bluish in color. They can also be made in the form of long flowerpots that can accommodate several plants.

However, soil, shower sand, water, etc. are now allowed to be placed in pots. Small plants grown there will not require water, and the trees will turn into something decorative, with beams instead of the usual trunk.

Crafting pots here is allowed from burnt or raw clay. Seven of its blocks are placed on the workbench in almost all slots, with the exception of the central cells of the upper and middle horizontal rows. By the way, if the pot was made of raw clay, it can be decorated with a pattern using special stamps. Crafting is not yet available, but it is permissible to purchase them from villagers. Also, stamps are sometimes found in the towers.

The finished pots are repainted, if desired, with blue dye. In addition, they can be modified at the manufacturing stage. To do this, you need to create a potter's wheel by placing a piece of clay over a workbench in a crafting grid.

It's even easier to make pots with the Painter's Flower Pot mod. Here they are made from ordinary pieces of clay. The latter are placed - in the amount of three pieces - on the workbench in the same way as the bricks in the original recipe: in the central cell of the lower horizontal row, as well as in the extreme slots of the middle one.

However, an interesting find of the creators of this mod is that directly during firing in the oven, it will be possible to choose any desired color of the pot. Thus, the gamer will make a real decoration for his interior or garden.