How To Choose A Snowboard For A Beginner

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How To Choose A Snowboard For A Beginner
How To Choose A Snowboard For A Beginner

Video: How To Choose A Snowboard For A Beginner

Video: How To Choose A Snowboard For A Beginner
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If you are a beginner and have never gotten to snowboard, then his choice will be a problem for you. The most common mistake is that when buying a snowboard, many people are guided by the trendy color or the "which is stronger?" Approach. The choice of a snowboard should be approached thoughtfully and seriously, because the safety of your health depends on the purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics.

How to choose a snowboard for a beginner
How to choose a snowboard for a beginner


Step 1

Riding style. Before buying, you need to decide how and where you will ride. There are several styles of riding:

• Freestyle - performing tricks on a snow ramp.

• Freeride - free skiing without restrictions, jumping or descending a mountain.

• Frikarv - downhill downhill with sharp turns.

Due to the different riding styles, there was a division into hard and soft snowboards. Soft boards are used by those who love freestyle or freeride. And hard snowboards are of two types: for freecarva or sports boards (for slalom).

Step 2

The shape of the board plays an important role, it can be of several types:

• Twin-tip shape designed for freestyle.

• A freeride board that has a directional shape (one nose is longer than the other).

• There are also universal All-mountain boards, on which you can ride on the track, in a snow park, in a half-pipe. Such boards are used for both freeride and freestyle.

• Longer and narrower boards are used for the freecarw, they have a different geometry.

Step 3

The length is the length of the board, which depends on your weight and height. The more weight and height, the longer the board is needed. Almost every specialty store has a table of sizes. But the easiest way is to ask a sales assistant.

Step 4

Material. An important role is played by the material of the sliding surface, acceleration and maximum speed depend on it. There are several types of sliding surfaces:

• Graphite-coated boards are the slickest and fastest. The main disadvantage is that such a sliding surface is too soft, so it wears out quickly. This material is used on the most expensive snowboards.

• Polyethylene with the addition of graphite is the most popular type of sliding surface, as it is durable and has good sliding properties.

• Polyethylene is the cheapest type. Such boards are the most reliable, but their speed is lower compared to the first and second types.

Step 5

Secondary characteristics.

Board width. Choose the narrowest board possible. The wider the board, the more stable it is, but it is more difficult to control it.

Board weight. It is necessary that the board is not too heavy, otherwise it will be difficult to carry. When buying, you can use the following rule: if you can lift the board by the nose with one hand, then this board is right for you.