How To Draw A Space Rocket

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How To Draw A Space Rocket
How To Draw A Space Rocket

Video: How To Draw A Space Rocket

Video: How To Draw A Space Rocket
Video: How to Draw a NASA Space Shuttle 2023, March

A child can also draw a space rocket, since it consists of several parts of a geometric shape. Don't limit your drawing to just one rocket, create a space background around it.

How to draw a space rocket
How to draw a space rocket

It is necessary

  • -paper;
  • -simple pencil;
  • -eraser;
  • - materials for work in color.


Step 1

Prepare a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser. Arrange the piece of paper as you please. With a simple pencil, start sketching the space rocket. You can also choose the direction of flight of your rocket yourself. Either it will fly horizontally for you, or vertically up or down, or diagonally.

Step 2

Using a simple pencil, draw an elongated oval. If the line of the drawing is not accurate, do not rush to erase it. It is better to try to correct the drawing with light strokes, giving the desired direction to the lines. Use the eraser to correct your work

Step 3

Sketch the tail of the rocket from the geometric shapes. One wing of the tail is located “facing us” in the form of a rectangle. The other two, located on the sides, represent a merged figure from a triangle and a quadrangle

Step 4

Now use a pencil to smooth out the corners of the rocket tail and sharpen the ends. At the top of the rocket, draw two small circles, one inside the other. This will be the rocket porthole. Mark the top (head) and bottom of the rocket with two arcuate lines. The rocket drawing is ready. Erase all unnecessary lines with an eraser and decide on materials for working in color

Step 5

Think up and draw what surrounds the rocket. Stars, planets, comets, asteroids, flying saucers or maybe an astronaut is sailing next to a space rocket. Draw it all and start working in color. For such a drawing, gouache or felt-tip pens (markers) are more suitable. Mixed technique is also possible. It is best to fill the picture from large spaces, that is, from the background. Then move on to the details of the background - stars, comets, and more. Next, work with the rocket. Since she is the main object in the drawing, highlight her with color, clarity. Clean up your work area after work.

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