How To Draw A Demon With A Pencil

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How To Draw A Demon With A Pencil
How To Draw A Demon With A Pencil

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Demons are fantastic creatures, so the artist can portray them as they are drawn in his imagination. Pencil sketches can serve as the basis for a more complex paint job. But before a successful sketch comes out, you need to make many options for drawings, using all your imagination and ability to use a pencil.

How to draw a demon with a pencil
How to draw a demon with a pencil

It is necessary

  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paper.


Step 1

Outline the composition of the drawing. If, besides the demon, there will be other characters and objects, give them space on paper. Use light strokes to mark the top, bottom and width of the demon's shape.

Step 2

If you are thinking of drawing large wings, outline their outlines so that they fit on the selected sheet of paper. Divide the shape into details: head oval, torso, arms, legs. Gradually add specificity by emphasizing torso rotation, arm movement, head rotation, and so on.

Step 3

Gradually, the demon's figure will take shape in a drawing. Erase the extra lines. Think of what objects the otherworldly creature can have in his hands, what his horns, hair, skin, claws, clothes will be. "Try on" all this on your figure, if you see that the detail does not fit the nature of the picture, remove it.

Step 4

Draw the shape of the demon's wings. The shape of angel wings is often used, only black, you can depict them broken, with bare bones, or fluffy and wide. A more common option is leathery. You can draw them thin and ragged, like a bat, or strong and spiked, like a dragon.

Step 5

Look for new shapes, try to draw an ornament on the horns or a tattoo on the body of a demon. He can be bald with pointed triangular ears, or wear long hair with a fancy hairstyle. The drawing should be harmonious, the detail of the pattern on the weapon can repeat the element of the tattoo or decoration.

Step 6

Draw lines of muscles on the body of the creature. Move on to smaller details - claws, ears, clothing details and, of course, the demon's face. First, sketch out the location of the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth with strokes. When you achieve an organic combination of shapes and sizes, move on to a more detailed drawing.

Step 7

Give your demon character. This can be done by giving a special curve to the lips and eyebrows of the creature, with the help of a cunning squint of the eyes and a curved nose tip. Draw the lines of the cheekbones to give the face a clear shape.

Step 8

Refine the drawing by erasing the unnecessary and firmly outlining the outline. Draw the entourage of the picture - objects and phenomena surrounding the demon.

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