Why Is The Death Of A Loved One Dreaming About?

Why Is The Death Of A Loved One Dreaming About?
Why Is The Death Of A Loved One Dreaming About?

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This dream is very unpleasant. Usually, after waking up, a person experiences real horror. However, this dream is not as bad as it seems at first glance.

Why dream of the death of a loved one
Why dream of the death of a loved one

A loved one dies in front of your eyes in a dream

If in a dream a loved one calls you for help, tries to escape, but eventually dies anyway, then this means your inattention to him. You have ceased to understand each other. You should carefully consider this dream and, perhaps, completely reconsider your relationship with the person you dreamed about.

You learn about the death of a loved one, but you do not see him

If you were informed in a dream about the death of a loved one by phone, in a letter or in a conversation, then this means good news, but you will have to suffer and endure for your wish to come true. You are on the right track, but it will take a long time before you achieve what you want.

If your parents died

If you recognize or see in a dream the death of your parents or living grandparents, then this dream means a quick profit, a promotion or a significant amount of money. In the near future you will be lucky in everything.

When this dream can be called prophetic

Sometimes such dreams can be interpreted literally, but for this it is necessary that the dream be unusually vivid and memorable. You must remember all its details. A dream in which you see the death of a loved one can literally come true if someone in your family is seriously ill. In this case, it is a dream warning. You should immediately feel that this dream is prophetic.

It happened to my mother: six months before the death of her grandmother, she dreamed of her death in all its details. It was so bright that she still remembers it and says how she even remembered the shadow from the leaves that fell on her grandmother's face.

Seeing the death of your sister / brother in a dream

This dream can signal impending family problems. It is possible that you have offended your loved ones in some way, and resentment and disappointment lurked in their hearts. You should show participation and improve relations with your relatives, until a grandiose family scandal breaks out.

Seeing the death of your friend in a dream

In life, disappointment and minor troubles await you. Domestic quarrels, conflicts and useless clarification of relationships can poison your life, but this period will not last long. Everything should be back to normal soon.

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