How To Insert Film Into Zenith

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How To Insert Film Into Zenith
How To Insert Film Into Zenith

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Video: How to load / unload a 35mm film into a Zenit TTL manual camera. 2022, October

The camera is intended for photographing on color or black-and-white film. Films are usually packaged in cassettes. In order to place the film in the device, you need to open the case from the back. Place a cassette with a film in the appeared niche and fix it. After scrolling a few frames, you can start shooting.

How to insert film into Zenith
How to insert film into Zenith


Step 1

Turn the camera with the back side towards you. Press lightly on the back cover to push it against the chassis. Pull the lock latch up. Now open the lid.

Step 2

Remove the film from the cardboard box. Make sure it's in the cassette. Locate the rewind in the film slot and pull the rewind head up. To do this, fold back the handle. Insert a film cassette into the slot. Lower the head all the way down. Fold back the handle.

Step 3

Take the filling end that is protruding from the cassette and pull it slightly. If the end does not give in, the film is poorly wound. If everything is in order, pull the end to the edge of the chamber. It must be inserted into the groove of the take-up spool, a rotating part at the edge of the camera socket. Perforations run along the edge of the film. Make sure the tooth of the measuring roller fits into these holes. When this happens, manually rotate the coil slightly. Grasp the loose or protruding part of it with your index finger and thumb and turn it clockwise. Close the back cover of the machine.

Step 4

Find the lever for cocking the shutter. It moves away from the frame counter disk. Turn the lever all the way to cock the bolt. Press the release button located on the frame counting roller. When the shutter is cocked, the film moves one frame. It is necessary to move only the non-illuminated film to the frame window, therefore, the shutter should be cocked and lowered three times.

Step 5

Look for the value marks on the frame counter dial. Set the value to "O" against the index. Set the film speed immediately. To do this, rotate the light sensitivity dial until it aligns with the index located on the camera shield. When a clear fixation occurs, stop rotating. There are risks on this disk. They help to set intermediate values ​​of light sensitivity, according to a special comparison table.

Comparison table
Comparison table

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