Folk Omens And Superstitions For Birthday

Folk Omens And Superstitions For Birthday
Folk Omens And Superstitions For Birthday

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Birthday is a special day in the life of any person. One always wants to spend this holiday in a special way. No wonder, among the people there are many signs and superstitions associated with a birthday.

Folk omens and superstitions for birthday
Folk omens and superstitions for birthday

The week before your birthday, you need to be especially careful.

For a long time it was believed that the birthday man could communicate with higher powers. The week before a birthday is a very crucial period in a person's life. At this time, it is better not to plan any new business, but to take stock of the past year. It is just before a birthday that a person's energy protection weakens. He becomes more vulnerable, the risk of accidents increases.

This is due to the fact that the human body lives in cycles, each of which is equal to one calendar year. During birth, a child experiences tremendous stress. It turns out that throughout its life, the body on its birthday, as it were, recalls its state at the time of birth. As a result, during this period, many have a decrease in immunity and increased nervousness.

Personally, I can say that I meet almost every birthday with some kind of problems: I have a bad cold, then I twisted my leg, then at work there are some global troubles.

Who to invite to your birthday

In fact, a birthday is not a reason for a noisy party in a big way. It would be right to invite only the closest people to your birthday, so that the celebration turns out to be sincere and pleasant. There should be no random people at the festive table.

An odd number of guests is not good

It is believed that an even number of guests must be present at the holiday. A guest who came to a birthday without a couple can jinx the birthday boy by envying him.

If you blow out all the candles on the cake at the same time, your wish will come true.

This tradition has long been rooted in many peoples of the world. The birthday boy should make a wish and then blow out the candles on the cake. It is believed that the wish made will surely come true in the coming year.

The birthday person cannot change clothes during the celebration

Dressing up at a birthday party is considered a bad omen. This means future losses for the birthday man. If wine is accidentally spilled on the hero of the occasion or he gets dirty at the table, then there is a person among the invited guests who wishes the birthday man evil.

Dishes at the festive table were broken

If dishes break during a birthday celebration, then this is a bad sign. It is possible that this year the birthday man may have problems in his personal life.

Who congratulated

It is believed that the one who first congratulated the birthday man on his birthday and will be closest to him for the entire next year. It is also believed that the first wishes and toasts pronounced at the festive table will also come true.

Gifts for guests on their birthday

Usually gifts are given to the one who has a birthday, but if the birthday man himself prepares small souvenirs for the guests, then he thereby will attract good luck and material well-being.

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