How To Make Papyrus

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How To Make Papyrus
How To Make Papyrus

Video: How To Make Papyrus

Video: How To Make Papyrus
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Ancient Egyptian writing material with original memorable drawings has become not only a museum exhibit, but also a popular interior decoration. If papyrus is decorated with taste, it fits well with the retro style of a living room or study and can become a status gift. When processing this natural material, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of its interesting texture and color in order to emphasize the unique beauty of the national souvenir.

How to make papyrus
How to make papyrus

It is necessary

  • - scissors or uneven slip;
  • - mat;
  • - double sided tape;
  • - glass;
  • - baguette;
  • - a set for patination and decoupage (optional);
  • - clamps for glass


Step 1

Prepare papyrus for frame and glass. If the drawing is not exactly in the middle of the scroll, use scissors to resize it. So that the souvenir does not look too artificial after trimming, it is necessary to give its edge a stylish unevenness - this will emphasize the natural origin of the writing material. This design is appropriate for wall decor in a study or living room in antique style.

Step 2

You can do without cutting the papyrus if you buy a baguette or a mat (decorative insert with a hole in the middle) with a deliberately uneven edging. Among designers and artists, it is called a slip.

Step 3

Get a suitable scroll backing. Traditionally, for the decoration of papyri, many use a mat made of black cardboard, since the dark background well sets off the white or brown "ancient Egyptian paper". It is also permissible to use colors to match the old pattern. Usually green, blue and terracotta are present in papyri. The main rule that professional designers usually adhere to is that the background should emphasize the texture of the papyrus and the pattern.

Step 4

Attach the papyrus to the mat with pieces of double-sided tape around the edges. Experts do not advise gluing this material with a full area, as well as using a press and lamination. The structure of the scroll (which has natural deformations) can quickly lose its visual appeal.

Step 5

Clamp the papyrus and mat between the glass and the baguette using the special fasteners. It is advisable to artificially age the wooden frame with the help of a special patinated varnish from a store for designers and artists. After varnishing, the wood will be covered with an interesting pattern of cracks (crackle technique). Crackle varnish is interestingly combined with decoupage: cut out drawings from paper napkins in the same style as papyrus, glue them with special glue and varnish. Do not forget to carefully study the instructions for the sets for patina and decoupage.

Step 6

Do not overdo it with decorating papyrus in order to preserve the national flavor of the original interior item as much as possible. Sometimes it is sufficient to press down on the scroll with two pieces of glass. At the same time, a certificate confirming the authenticity of the gizmos can be placed on the back of the scroll with the mat. This will add special value to the souvenir.