How To Outline A Drawing

How To Outline A Drawing
How To Outline A Drawing

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For satin stitch embroidery, applique work or homemade stained glass you need an outline drawing. In kits for needlework, there are usually a number of drawings. However, if you want to make something original, draw the outline yourself. Adobe Photoshop allows you to do this even for those who are not confident in their artistic abilities.

How to outline a drawing
How to outline a drawing

It is necessary

  • - a computer with Adobe Photoshop;
  • - Internet access;
  • - scanner;
  • - Printer;
  • - ink;
  • - aluminum or bronze powder;
  • - glue for glass;
  • - tracing paper.


Step 1

Find the right drawing. Scan a postcard or photo at 300 dpi. You can find a suitable image on the Internet. The plot can be anything, but try to find a picture with not very many small details. You will then remove the extra lines anyway, but at the same time the image of what you are going to embroider or draw on glass should be preserved

Step 3

Find the one with the brushes in the small rectangular panels. Activate it. Drag it to the top panel or leave it where it is. But in any case, fill in the parameters. Select a hard round brush and set the size. If you haven't dragged anything anywhere, there is an arrow to the right of the panel name. Click on it, and a window will open in front of you where you need to put down the size. If the path lines are thin, select 2 or 3. There you will also find the "Opacity" box. Set to 100%.

Step 4

Remove unnecessary black spots from the image. This can be done in different ways. The most understandable for the uninitiated is to find the selection in the left menu, on which the tools are indicated. This is usually the top left square. Find the 2 squares below that represent the colors. In your case, it is black and white. White should be at the bottom. Select with the mouse the area you want to clear and press the "Delete" key. Remove smaller spots with the eraser, which you will also find on the side panel

Step 5

Draw the missing lines with a brush. The outline of the drawing should be solid. Apply, if necessary, additional lines - flower stamens, house stones, etc

Step 6

Determine the size of the picture you need. In the "File" menu set options for printing. If you need a very large drawing and the printer can only print A4 size, divide your sketch into several parts. Print each part separately, forgetting to mark the places for gluing.

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