How To Make A Panel From Natural Materials

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How To Make A Panel From Natural Materials
How To Make A Panel From Natural Materials

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A stylish panel for interior decoration can be made from ordinary and cheap things. To make it, you will need a variety of foods and natural materials. This decorative painting is easy to make, but it looks impressive.

How to make a panel from natural materials
How to make a panel from natural materials

Panel with sections

This panel made of natural materials will look good on the kitchen wall. For the base of the picture, take a ready-made wooden frame without glass. Select its size as you wish. Put several plates on the table and pour white and red beans, peas, rice, small curly pasta, pearl barley into each of them.

Instead of a photo frame, you can use a plastic tray as a base. If the tray is round, divide it into several sections and fill them with cereals.

Arrange the wooden skewers on the base of the frame so that separate sections are obtained. Adjust the skewers to the desired size, biting off the excess with pliers. Wrap a piece of hemp rope around each wooden stick. Secure it with a glue gun to prevent unwinding.

If you don't have wooden skewers handy, you can use plastic cocktail straws to divide into sections.

Glue the wrapped skewers to the base of the frame. Lubricate each section separately with glue and glue the cereals and pasta in them. Here, give free rein to imagination and experimentation. You can fill each cell with a separate free-flowing product, or you can completely fill the base with something small, for example, rice, and put a composition of beans, pasta or dried rose hips on top.

Your panel is ready. But it can be modified if desired. Take paint in a spray can for a background color. It should be some kind of dark, such as black. Cover the entire panel with paint. If you won't paint the frame itself, cover it with masking tape. Then dip a dry flute brush in gold, silver or bronze paint and lightly brush over the protruding parts of the design. When using acrylic paints, you do not need to fix the colors with varnish.

Sand panel

A panel with the use of sand will be an unusual element in the decor of the room. Choose a stencil for the drawing so that it fits the interior. Fine, clean sand for painting can be purchased at a hardware store. You also need a finished frame and a piece of felt.

Glue plain felt to the base of the frame. You can use another thick fabric, or simply dye the base to your desired color. Attach the stencil, secure it around the edges with adhesive tape so that it does not move. Cover the drawing with glue and cover it with sand.

Remove the stencil quickly and carefully. Leave the drawing to dry horizontally. If necessary, fix it with the tip of a toothpick and a brush until the glue is dry. Turn the finished panel over to shake off the non-glued sand, then hang it on the wall.

For the second version of the sand panel, you will need the same frame and sand, only shells will be added. Glue the entire base with glue and cover it completely with sand. When the background is dry, shake it off. Drip the glue onto the shells and lay out the desired pattern on the sand.

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