What To Give: Signs And Gifts

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What To Give: Signs And Gifts
What To Give: Signs And Gifts

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If a person believes in signs, then they must be taken into account when choosing a gift for him. There are many different superstitions associated with giving. It is useful to know what and how you can give a gift.

What to give: signs andts
What to give: signs andts

What can you give

It is not difficult to find a ton of information about what gifts are considered a bad omen. It is more difficult to find out what to give in order to attract good luck and prosperity.

Fresh flowers can be a very good gift. You should be wary of yellow colors - they serve as a symbol of separation. Carnations are also not worth giving. In roses, before donation, all thorns are cut off. And, according to tradition, the bouquet should have an odd number of flowers.

If you believe folk signs, a tablecloth is a very good gift. It used to be customary for the bride's parents to present her as a gift to the newlyweds for the wedding. Such a gift was supposed to provide them with a happy life. A tablecloth presented to a married couple for the New Year will bring financial well-being for the next year. It is believed that the donation of a tablecloth will make you a welcome guest in the donated person's house.

The carpet is a symbol of wealth and good luck. There is a belief that it improves relations with the one to whom you gave it.

Dishes can be a wonderful gift, but you need to give it according to certain rules. If you are going to donate a service or a set of pots, then you need to remember that you cannot donate empty containers. This rule applies to other items as well. Therefore, before donating the dishes, put something on the bottom. Usually coins or candies are placed.

It is not customary to give empty bags, backpacks, suitcases or cosmetic bags, etc. You need to put something in them, for example, a coin or a postcard. You cannot give a wallet without money, so put a bill of any denomination in it.

The shoes received as a gift will bring good luck and save on the way. But, only if you guessed right with the style and size.

Bed linen is a great gift if you choose it in accordance with folk signs. It is desirable that it has an image of small flowers or patterns. Water motifs and sharp corners in the drawing should be avoided.

The sugar bowl received as a gift will bring comfort, frequent gatherings with friends and warm relationships to the house. If it is transparent, then the relationship between the gifted and the donor will be trusting.

How to protect yourself from a gift with poor energy

Any sign associated with gifts can be very easily neutralized. For this, it is enough to pay a coin for a present.

If you are not sure that the donor had good intentions, then do not use the thing donated to him or try to clean it up. Water and fire can do this pretty well. It is enough to thoroughly rinse the gift in running water, or hold it over a fire. If possible, place the donated item in salt for a day. This procedure will draw out all the negative energy from the gift.

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