How To Paint Hands

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How To Paint Hands
How To Paint Hands

Video: How To Paint Hands

Video: How To Paint Hands
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Henna painting is one of the oldest body decoration arts, the fashion for which came to the modern world from the Middle East. Today, temporary tattoos made with henna paste are extremely popular due to their exoticism, safety for health, as well as environmentally friendly materials that are used to create such a tattoo. A henna pattern stays on the skin for up to two weeks with proper care and everyone can learn how to paint hands with henna.

How to paint hands
How to paint hands


Step 1

First, prepare a paste for painting. To do this, take 30-40 grams of finely sifted and purified natural henna powder and pour the powder in a glass or enamel bowl with freshly squeezed juice of two lemons.

Step 2

You can add a spoonful of freshly ground coffee or strong black tea to lemon juice, as well as two teaspoons of lime juice to intensify the color. Knead the henna with the liquid until it acquires the consistency of thick sour cream. Rub the paste thoroughly in a bowl to avoid clumping.

Step 3

Cover the container with the paste with sealed plastic wrap and leave it to infuse for several hours. The longer the paste is infused, the better the coloring pigment will stand out, so it is best to prepare henna in advance and leave it to infuse overnight.

Step 4

Use a fine brush, pointed toothpick, or cellophane cone to apply the pattern. The cone is the most convenient way to apply henna. Take a piece of cellophane measuring 20x16 cm and roll it into a cone with an acute angle.

Step 5

Carefully seal the joints with tape or adhesive tape, and then fill the bag with henna paste, which should be ready by that time, and then tape the top edge of the cone with tape. Cut the bottom tip to form a small hole from which the henna will squeeze out when pressed.

Step 6

Prepare in advance a sketch of the drawing that you want to apply to the skin, and if you doubt your abilities, first sketch on the skin with a cosmetic pencil or felt-tip pen. Trace the sketch with henna, evenly squeezing it out of the cone.

Step 7

In the process of drying the design, moisten it with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar - this will promote the color development. Keep the dried henna on the skin for at least four to five hours - the intensity and brightness of the pattern depends on this. After a few hours, gently scrape off the dry henna from the skin and you will see a bright orange pattern that will darken after a day.

Step 8

For painting, use only natural red-brown henna, as black henna contains substances that can cause allergic reactions.