How To Make A Good Hookah

How To Make A Good Hookah
How To Make A Good Hookah

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Hookah is a pleasure that came from the East. Interest in this type of smoking is constantly growing. It is fashionable, interesting, pleasant. After trying a delicious hookah in a restaurant, nightclub or bar, people buy their own device to enjoy at home. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to cook the same good hookah, you even have to follow the instructions. There are a few secrets to know.

How to make a good hookah
How to make a good hookah

It is necessary

  • hookah;
  • foil;
  • coal;
  • tobacco;
  • water, milk, juice, wine;
  • Apple.


Step 1

To make a good hookah, you first need to choose fresh, quality tobacco. It should be wet, like jam. Dry tobacco will ruin the whole hookah experience. The most popular flavors are apple, melon, strawberry, multifruit. It all depends on personal preferences - everyone should choose the taste of tobacco for himself. After trying several options, don't be afraid to experiment, mix them up.

Step 2

Buy good coal, preferably without saltpeter, that is, not self-igniting. Choose the one you want to light on the stove or lighter. Carefully read the instructions on how to properly assemble a hookah. First, you need to put the tobacco in a cup, gently unwrapping the leaves and gutting the stuck together lumps. It is necessary that air remains between the leaves, then the taste will be richer. To do this, you can use a special needle on the hookah tongs. Place it in a cup and rotate to make the tobacco funnel-shaped. Be careful not to compress it.

Step 3

Fold a piece of foil in half, then fold it and straighten it. If the coal lies on a smooth surface, the heat transfer will be less. Cover the cup with this sheet, wrap tightly and fold over the edges. Use a pin, needle, or toothpick to poke a few holes all over the foil. The more holes and the more evenly they are located, the tastier the hookah will be. And to transfer the heat even better, use this technique: make a foil ring up to two centimeters high, put it in the middle on a cup covered with a sheet with holes. Wrap the ring on top with another layer of foil and make holes again. In this way, the charcoal provides an even heat supply to the tobacco, so it does not need to be constantly moved to prevent it from burning. It is advisable to put coal not in the center, but along the edges. A set for a good hookah usually has special metal heads, cover one of them with charcoal or use foil.

Step 4

To make the hookah taste even sweeter and richer, you can use an apple instead of a cup. Cut the fruit in half across, clean the insides at the bottom half, leaving only the walls. Make a hole at the bottom, insert two toothpicks into it with a cross so that the tobacco does not fall through. In the second half of the apple, also clean the middle and make a few holes so that the air can flow to the charcoal. Fill the bottom half of the apple with tobacco. Take the foil, put it on the apple, secure with toothpicks, make holes. Put in the hot charcoal and cover with the other half of the apple.

Step 5

Rinse the flask, add water or other liquid. Instead of water, milk, wine, juice, and other drinks, for example, 7Up, are used. You can spirally cut the peel of an orange or lemon and add to the liquid. Make sure that the pipe is submerged three centimeters in water, no more, so the hookah will stretch better.

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