How To Make A Flying Kite

How To Make A Flying Kite
How To Make A Flying Kite

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The kite is the very first aircraft that was made by man. The history of its appearance is very ancient - several thousand years ago it was invented in China. Children today love flying a kite. It will not be difficult to make it yourself, you just need to find the necessary materials and be patient.

How to make a flying kite
How to make a flying kite

It is necessary

  • - two five-millimeter smooth wooden sticks (the bottom is 1 m long, the other is 80 cm);
  • - gift wrapping paper;
  • - 30 m of thin cord (twine);
  • - glue;
  • - a small file (you can take a nail file);
  • - scissors;
  • - ruler.


Step 1

Using a saw, make cuts at both ends (from the end) of the sticks with a depth of 3 mm.

Step 2

Tie the sticks folded crosswise with twine and secure with glue so that the shorter stick with its middle lies on the long stick 20 cm from one of its ends.

Step 3

Wind 7 m of twine along the plane of the resulting frame, grabbing all four ends of the sticks and inserting the rope into all cuts. Tie a knot at the bottom end of the string and leave four meters free to form the tail of the kite.

Step 4

Cut out three squares from gift paper with sides of 20 cm each, and fold each with an accordion, then tie the resulting bows to the tail of the snake at the same distance from each other.

Step 5

Place the snake frame on nice paper and cut it along it so that the paper protrudes 2 cm on all sides. Fold the protruding paper edges under the string and glue it for strength.

Step 6

Attach four laces to the four corners (each length 60 cm), then connect them together on a long enough string (20 cm), which you wind on a ruler - holding on to it, you can safely let go of the snake.

Step 7

It's so easy to make a flying kite with the help of the stationery at hand. Now comes the hardest part. Remember that the kite only flies upwind. Now you need to run and pull him along, and when he begins to gain height, gradually release the twine wound on the ruler. If there is a breeze, the kite will take off faster and finally end up in the sky.

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