How To Make An Iron Man

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How To Make An Iron Man
How To Make An Iron Man

Video: How To Make An Iron Man

Video: How To Make An Iron Man
Video: How to Draw Iron Man | Avengers | Step-by-Step Tutorial 2023, October

The appearance on the screens of cinemas of the image of Iron Man spawned a huge wave of popularity around the world and many fans of the beloved hero-inventor. Now every self-respecting fan of the fantastic genre seeks to make his idea-dream come true - to create his own image of Iron Man.

How to make an iron man
How to make an iron man


Step 1

And some have succeeded in this noticeably, for example, the Norwegian John Beckensten (a famous sculptor in the film industry) spent more than a year creating the most successful copy of his favorite hero's costume, using plastic and fiberglass.

Another noteworthy piece was Anthony Lee, Colorado, who used polyurethane slabs for his suit and a special mixture of resin and sculptured clay for his helmet. Also, more than a thousand rivets, old auto parts, LEDs, servomotors, etc. were used to make the image more realistic.

Step 2

And how many more of our home-grown craftsmen are working on their original inventions, using any available material and inexhaustible imagination!

If you have decided to join the ranks of design fans, you will need fresh ideas, an original approach to the choice of material (foil, aluminum, tin, etc.) and inexhaustible inspiration.

Step 3

First, you need a detailed development of all the components of the suit, taking into account the dynamics of movements.

Step 4

You can start creating an image from a helmet, with a built-in interface (optional), a frame and connection of the electronics you provide.

Step 5

Use soft metal or tin to make a helmet. Be sure to trim the edges after cutting out the parts. Remember to leave functional clearances.

Use the drawings!

Step 6

It is preferable to fasten the parts with staples and rivets, this is both faster and less traumatic.

The created helmet frame from the inside should be glued with a soft cloth, and reflective lenses (or glasses from sunglasses) should be inserted into the eye slots.

Step 7

The basis for the "body" can be any jumpsuit "under the throat" made of dense dark fabric with lycra thread (this will avoid the formation of folds when moving).

Step 8

Attach the "armor" to the fabric. Use a mannequin for convenience.

Step 9

If you have the necessary skills, use hydraulic devices to organize the articulation and free movement of parts. In this case, the body frame must be cut out completely and assume technological holes and attachments for auxiliary elements.

Step 10

How to create a home environment described by one of the fans of the film on the site …

Step 11

Whether it is a fancy dress or a high-tech invention depends entirely on your level of technical training and inventive skill.

Step 12

One of the options for making an iron man is offered by the site By following detailed drawings, you can build not a suit, but an interesting toy.