How To Find Out If A Person Has A Love Spell

How To Find Out If A Person Has A Love Spell
How To Find Out If A Person Has A Love Spell

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A strong love spell made by a professional magician is always the introduction into the world of the subtle structures of a person in order to reprogram his priorities and preferences (most often in choosing a partner). At the same time, the suppression of his will occurs, which cannot but affect his behavior, well-being, and worldview. You can find out if a person has a love spell by several signs.

How to find out if a person has a love spell
How to find out if a person has a love spell


Step 1

Absent-mindedness, lethargy, detachment. It is as if a person is constantly pondering something, solving some complex problems. He does not immediately respond to his name, but, having responded, he can look around for a while, as if figuring out where he is and who is calling him. Often wrinkles forehead, as if remembering something. A martyr's expression can often be seen on his face. However, to the question "What happened?" you will most likely hear the answer: "I'm okay" or "Leave me alone."

Step 2

Logical thinking is difficult. He performs some of his actions as if in prostration. Many actions cannot be explained. So, for example, a husband who left for another woman suddenly comes to his ex-wife (who made a love spell in order to return her husband), but his whole appearance at the same time indicates that he himself does not understand how it happened, and why he came. Further events (what or who will outweigh) depend on the professionalism of the magician, how sophisticated he is in the art of magic.

Step 3

Loss of interest in the whole world around, except for the object in the direction of which the love spell is made. Craving for him, the desire for the possibility of close contact with him may even look manic, and physical and psychological dependence - all-consuming and irresistible. Obstacles, brakes, ethical standards, morality, danger - none of this exists for him. Nothing stops him. He, as they say, rushing ahead, just to be there. At the same time, a martyr or bewildered expression may continue to be present on his face, because often he himself does not understand what happened to him and why he, like a magnet, began to be drawn to the object (perhaps this is the main difference between the reaction to a love spell and ordinary love).

Step 4

A person is not interested and does not care about anything that is happening around him. If someone tries to "open his eyes" to what is happening, he does not listen to anyone and completely rejects everyone: family members (including children), friends, relatives. Up to a complete break in relations.

Step 5

At the physical level, the following symptoms can be observed: fever, chills, fatigue, almost zero tone, shortness of breath, insomnia, or periodic exhausting (i.e. not bringing joy) dreams of a sexual nature, exacerbation of existing diseases or the appearance of new ones, most often arising on nervous soil.

Step 6

Often: aggression, craving for alcohol, degradation in several directions at once - in work, career (up to dismissal), in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in hobbies (hobbies), etc. And, of course, often - the fact of a sudden departure from the family, or even from life.

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