How To Make A Layout Of A City

How To Make A Layout Of A City
How To Make A Layout Of A City

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The model of the city is the most accurate miniature copy of the city, made of various materials. Traditionally, paper and whatman paper are used to construct small copies of buildings, however, your imagination can tell you the use of other materials, sometimes the most unusual ones. Creating a city layout can be an entertaining pastime, an excellent development for fine motor skills of fingers for your children, as well as the formation of their perseverance, attentiveness and accuracy.

How to make a layout of the city
How to make a layout of the city

It is necessary

Paper, Whatman paper, scissors, glue, city map (assuming you want to create a layout of a real city)


Step 1

First, make the base on which all the buildings will be installed. This can be a sheet of plywood, or a piece of thick cardboard that needs to be painted with a paint that matches your idea.

Step 2

Carefully mark the base, draw streets, residential and office buildings, parks.

Step 3

Make buildings from the selected material, for each of them observing the selected scale. The building must be carried out as realistically as possible, drawing or cutting and decorating windows, balconies, and entrance doors.

Step 4

Craft trees from the selected material. The trunks of the trees are made of brown colored paper tubes, the crown is made of green paper with drawn branches and leaves.

Step 5

On the roads can put several models of small cars for greater reality. Place paper swings and attractions in parks and recreation areas.

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