Dream Interpretation: Why The Apple Is Dreaming

Dream Interpretation: Why The Apple Is Dreaming
Dream Interpretation: Why The Apple Is Dreaming

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In folklore, apples are a symbol of health, youth, abundance and wisdom. Juicy and beautiful apples in a dream, as in life, promise only good, and wormy and rotten ones warn against rash actions.

Apples in a dream are a good sign if they are juicy and fresh
Apples in a dream are a good sign if they are juicy and fresh

Why is the apple dreaming? Miller's dream book

Gustav Miller calls apple dreams very auspicious. For example, ripe and juicy apples, dreamed of among green foliage, speak of concomitant success in certain matters. But no matter how good this dream was, Miller advises not to follow the lead of your own emotions, and before making any further decisions - to thoroughly think over all the possible consequences of your actions.

The wormy apples that the dreamer eats speak of upcoming unfavorable changes in his life. If the dreamer sees tall-growing apples, in reality he needs to learn to balance his desires with his capabilities: sometimes this person chooses a burden that is beyond his strength. Apples, which fall in large quantities in a dream, warn a person against flatterers around him in life. Rotten apples lying on the ground symbolize wasted energy.

Dream interpretation of Vanga: apples

The soothsayer of the Vangelia considers apples to be a symbol of reward and wisdom. There is an apple in a dream - to the wisdom that will come to this person after he meets a secret person. This person is able to teach the dreamer a lot of what she herself knows. The main thing here is to answer her only with good, otherwise you can cause trouble. Wormy apples in a dream promise false information. If you do not change your mind in time, you can become the culprit of some major scandal. Cutting an apple in a dream is a waking delusion that will make the dreamer pay dearly.

Apples according to the dream book of Nostradamus

A huge and ripe apple in a dream suggests that in the near future the dreamer will make some kind of discovery that will not leave indifferent the people around him. This will make the dreamer a respected person in their eyes. A rotten apple, on the contrary, promises a major fiasco in business. You need to be very careful and think over your every step, so as not to hit your face in the dirt.

Apples in Freud's dream book

Ripe and juicy apples don't bode well. In reality, all the dreamer's attempts to get closer to the person he likes will be in vain. This is the opinion of the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud. It is possible that such a dream may indicate the same-sex addictions of the partner liked by the dreamer. Shaking an apple tree in a dream speaks of insufficient love skills: the dreamer's partner does not receive proper sexual pleasure from him. Therefore, it is necessary to learn.

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