How To Knit A Hood: Tips For Beginners

How To Knit A Hood: Tips For Beginners
How To Knit A Hood: Tips For Beginners

The hood makes the knitted sweater especially comfortable, gives it completeness and stylish design. The handmade product will decorate children's and adult wardrobes, will be relevant not only in the autumn-winter period, but also in the off-season, cool summer evenings. If you still don't know how to knit a hood, these beginner's tips will help you quickly master the right way to work on a useful and beautiful piece of clothing.

How to knit a hood
How to knit a hood

Stitching hood-hood

The easiest way to knit a hood is to make a rectangular knitted fabric on straight knitting needles, and then make the necessary connecting seam. Measure the length of the neckline of the finished jacket, while taking into account the width of the fastener strips. Knowing the exact density of knitting (how many loops fit in length and rows in height on the canvas), dial the required number of loops.

Knit the hood with knitting needles in straight and reverse rows, in the same pattern as the main product (jacket, cardigan). The height of the work is equal to the height of the head, for the freedom of fitting, you need to add 3 cm. When the rectangle is ready, close the last row, fold the hood-shaped part “face down”. Crochet the top and back of the garment with a crochet hook or a neat seam using a working ball yarn.

Hood - "heel"

Slightly more difficult to perform, a comfortable hood with knitting needles is made like the heel of a sock. The part can be made separately and sewn to clothes, or loops can be drawn along the neck of the product using a working tool with a fishing line. You will get a rounded product exactly in the shape of the head. By this method, it is recommended to knit a jacket with a hood for children.

Cast on the loops, taking the length of the cutout of the garment as a guide. Start with a 1x1 gum. When it reaches 2 cm, switch to hosiery. Decrease for subsequent tying: bind off 5 loops from opposite edges of the row. Make a straight line to the back of the head. After trying on, specify the place where the curvature begins to form.

Count the loops and mark the borders of three equal sections with contrasting threads, distribute the thread arms over three knitting needles. If there are extra loops left, add them to the middle. Then continue to knit the hood with knitting needles in the following sequence: row from the left side; central part; the last loop of the middle and the first loop of the right side segment are jointly front.

Turn the work over and carry out the central part of the part, knit the last bow together with the first side. Turn the canvas over again and work in the pattern until only the middle is left in the work. Close the hinges.

Type on the needles with fishing line along the high edge of the hood and make an elastic strapping. Its height is equal to 5 previously closed loops from two edges of the hood. Close the last row. If you want a hood with a drawstring and drawstring, sew the elastic higher, fold in half and sew to the inlaid edge with a darning needle and working yarn.


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